Luminite Electronics’ OCULi wireless PIR camera released!


Luminite Electronics’ OCULi wireless PIR camera released!

Luminite Electronics, British manufacturer of wireless and hard wired PIR detectors are pleased to announce that their OCULi wireless PIR camera is now available.

OCULi is a stand- alone PIR detector with a camera and is designed to protect vulnerable areas where CCTV cannot be installed due to power and internet limitations.  OCULi does not require external power and is instead powered by two lithium batteries with an expected life of up to one year.  OCULi is perfect for construction sites, vacant properties, utility sites and fly tipping locations to name but a few.

Fitted with a VGA colour / monochrome camera and powerful IR LED, OCULi uses the 3g mobile phone network to send rapid visual verification of a detected event.  Each unit is fitted with a roaming SIM that will pick up the strongest network signal, irrespective of provider to ensure the fastest delivery of images, in fact up to four times faster than some competitors.  No other equipment is required on site as each OCULi works independently.

A powerful web portal has been developed as a fully functioning self-monitoring tool allowing users to configure a host of functions including arm and dis-arm programmable scheduling, PIR setting adjustments and the viewing of events.

Using the Android or iOS OCULi free mobile phone apps, alarm notifications are quickly received by push notification. Users can also use the app to view events, arm and dis-arm units or sites as well as walk test and configure each unit for optimum coverage by way of OCULi’s built in low energy Bluetooth.

For alarm receiving monitoring centres, OCULi now integrates with the IMMIX IP intruder alarm and video monitoring platform.  IMMIX is a worldwide software platform that consolidates monitoring activities from any source allowing ARCs to efficiently manage and control responses to events.  OCULi also integrates into the WebeyeCMS alarm and monitoring platform.

The detection range is 15m x 90° with a 120° camera field of view to ensure that detected events remain in view of the camera.  All images are stored on our secure cloud server until deleted by the user.  OCULi is feature laden and includes a unique Timeline feature which allows the end user to view a series of images taken over a specified period as well as an Audio Challenge feature that allows the operator to make a two way voice call with OCULi immediately after detection.

For more information contact Laura Grainger at Luminite on 0208 368 7887 or visit

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