Luminite Electronics announce a new IP integration with Dahua

Luminite Electronics announce a new IP integration with Dahua

Luminite Electronics announce a new IP integration with Dahua

Luminite Electronics, manufacturer of wireless and hard wired PIR detectors, is delighted to announce a new IP integration with Dahua Technology Network Video Recorders.

Dahua Technology is a world leading video surveillance solution provider. Their products are widely used in a variety of applications including construction, energy infrastructure, telecommunications and transportation, as well as general public security.

Luminite’s range of Genesis detectors have an unrivalled reputation for reliable, robust external perimeter detection and are used extensively by reputable security installers in the UK and worldwide.

The integration between the Dahua 600 series NVRs and Genesis PIR detectors and IP Masthead is now available from Oprema. The integration allows for up to 64 detectors to be used from one Masthead. Once added, Alarm, Tamper, Shock and Masthead fault signals from the detectors can be used to trigger recordings, PTZ activations, relay outputs and custom alarm views.

Operators can also benefit from alerts in Dahua’s proprietary CMS and Mobile software Smart PSS/DMSS. Over the coming months Oprema and Dahua will be working closely with respected ARC software providers Monitorsoft and Sureview to bring this functionality into the control room.

Graham Creek, Managing Director of Luminite Electronics commented:

"We are delighted with this move and are confident that customers of Oprema will find this new alliance of great benefit."

About Luminite Electronics
Luminite Electronics Ltd is a UK based company with 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of PIR detectors, controls and associated products. We specialise in PIR detectors for the CCTV industry. All Luminite products are designed and manufactured in our London factory. Luminite also specialise in PIR's for the Energy Management market and there are some new products in the pipe line.

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