Lumeta announce partnership with Qualys

Lumeta announce partnership with Qualys

Lumeta partners with Qualys enabling organisations to know what is really on their networks

New Integration Delivers Comprehensive Network Visibility to Vulnerability Management Process

Lumeta Corporation, the leader in network situational awareness, and Qualys Inc. (NASDAQ: QLYS), a pioneer and leading provider of cloud security and compliance solutions, announced their partnership to enable organizations to improve the vulnerability management and cyber threat identification process by providing the necessary foundational intelligence of exactly what’s running on their networks. With the technology partnership, Lumeta IPsonar includes integration with Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM). The integrated solution looks at the entire enterprise – from the perimeter/edge and corporate network to virtualized machines and cloud services – uncovering all access points, partner connections, web servers and other devices that can leave a network open to attack. The integration provides IT security teams the most accurate view of their network, and any of its vulnerabilities, to then remediate those vulnerabilities quickly.

Reggie Best, Chief Marketing Officer, Lumeta said:

“IPsonar has best-in-class indexing techniques. Qualys excels at finding vulnerabilities in devices. Lumeta ‘maps the town’ so Qualys can go ‘door to door’ asking questions.”

IPsonar provides network situational awareness within an enterprise, using unique indexing techniques to find the “unknowns”, identify gaps in cyber defenses, and produce a comprehensive view of the enterprise, enabling customers to close the gap on network visibility and gain comprehensive network intelligence on every connection, device and leak path across the enterprise.

Delivered as part of the Qualys Cloud Platform, Qualys Vulnerability Management, or Qualys VM, the joint solution automates network audits and vulnerability management across an organization, including vulnerability reporting, and remediation tracking. Driven by a comprehensive KnowledgeBase of known vulnerabilities, Qualys VM enables cost-effective protection against vulnerabilities without substantial resource deployment.

By using the combined solution, users can compare Internet Protocol (IP) addresses discovered by IPsonar against those known (asset groups subscribed to) by Qualys. The connector then appends newly discovered (previously unknown) IP addresses from IPsonar into Qualys asset groups for future vulnerability management scanning. It also delivers email alerts to users listing discovered devices for which there isn’t a subscribed asset group.

Philippe Courtot, Chairman and CEO, Qualys said:

“All organizations – enterprise and government – need to find and fix vulnerabilities fast, and a comprehensive view of the network is a requirement to do that effectively. With IPsonar integrated into Qualys, businesses and government agencies can leverage that comprehensive visibility to improve their security posture via a more complete vulnerability management solution. We will continue to work with Lumeta on technology integrations; this initial integration is just the first in a series of integration points between our solutions.”

To learn more about this integrated solution, please visit: Lumeta Qualys Integration Data Sheet

Availability & Pricing
The connector for the IPsonar-Qualys integration is available now for download via the Lumeta Client Support site. Please contact your Lumeta Account Representative for assistance in configuring the connector for your IPsonar system.

The connector is available to customers at no additional cost.

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