LSI certification for Sans Digital EliteSTOR SAS JBOD Enclosure

jpegSans Digital, a leading provider of high performance storage subsystems, has announced that Sans Digital 3.5” and 2.5” 6G SAS rackmount JBOD enclosures, the EliteSTOR product line, is certified with LSI’s MegaRAID SAS RAID cards.

Included in the LSI compatibility list are the Sans Digital 6G SAS rackmount enclosures for 2.5” hard drives and SSD called the EliteSTOR 2.5” series, 1U-8bay ES108X6+BR, 2U-16bay ES216X6+B, and the 2U-24bay ES224X6+B as well as the environmentally friendly low carbon footprint single power supply models the EliteSTOR 1U-8bay ES108X6+B, 2U-16bay ES216X6+BS, and the 2U-24bay ES224X6+BS. For 3.5” hard drive SAS rackmount enclosures the EliteSTOR 3U-16bay ES316X6+B, 4U-24bay ES424X6+B, and single power supply versions are also now officially supported by LSI MegaRAID SAS RAID cards.

The compatibility report for LSI’s MegaRAID 6Gb/s SAS controllers represents the basic compatibility to hardware which is known to function with the listed MegaRAID SATA+SAS controllers. LSI’s End User Center of Competence, performs comprehensive functionality testing in order to demonstrate the overall compatibility of the MegaRAID product line. LSI’s compatibility guide for the direct attached storage ecosystem is based on their testing which consists of over 50 individual tests which includes RAID functionality across all supported RAID levels, basic enclosure SES functions (Drive Locate, Array locate, fan poling, temperature, power supply information, enclosure information), enclosure power cycles during IO and physical drive pulls. LSI’s extensive testing reinforces the strict standards of Sans Digital to ensure a cohesive hardware environment for better overall reliability and maximum performance.

The Sans Digital EliteSTOR ES108X6+B, ES216X6+B, ES224X6+B, ES316X6+B, and ES424X6+B are all SAS JBOD rackmounts for high capacity storage solution and ultra fast performance. Utilizing the latest SAS and 6G SAS expander technology provides over 24 Gb/s or 2400MB/s of bandwidth able to support the most demanding applications. The built-in 6G SAS expander allow for multiple daisy chained EliteSTOR rackmounts (up to 120 drives per SAS controller), zoning, and single or dual cable connections to the host (dual SAS cables allows for faster performance and added high availability). Also included are fan, voltage and temperature monitoring and alarms for instant live notifications. The EliteSTOR ES108X6+B, ES216X6+B, and ES224X6+B supports 2.5″ SATA, SAS 6Gbps, and 6G SATA/SAS SSD and is also backwards compatible with 3Gbps 2.5” inch hard drives. All models support the latest SAS technology which enables the user to use multiple 2.5″ inch SAS, SATA, SSD drives using a one mini-SAS cable. All necessary hardware comes standard including mini-SAS cable, hard drives tray modules and built-in mounting rail. The EliteSTOR 2.5” hard drive enclosures is truly the ideal storage expansion solution for servers or high performance video editing workstations.

“The official compatibility of the EliteSTOR product line for use with LSI’s MegaRAID controller, offer added reassurance to customers looking for a fast performing reliable solution,” said Stanley Chan, Director of Business Development at Sans Digital. “Sans Digital and participating customers have long approved the use of LSI cards with our enclosures; however, the official release in LSI’s compatibility list adds another layer of trust and support on our already popular SAS enclosure product lines.”

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Sans Digital EliteSTOR series are available now and backed by 3-year limited Hardware warranty.

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