LS night vision cameras: covert night vision whatever the weather

The new LS-Series ultra-compact, hand held thermal night vision cameras from technology leader, FLIR Systems, offer substantial benefits over image intensification products.  They require no ambient light to produce a clear image, even in the darkest environments.  The cameras can also ‘see’ through fog, smoke and rain to identify anyone hiding in the shadows, undergrowth or shrubbery.

Highly affordable, these units give law enforcement officers and security patrols the ability to see, over distance, without being seen.  They provide the information needed for users to make critical decisions, enhance operational efficiency and improve personal safety.

Image intensification, also known as I2 technology, requires at least a minimum level of ambient light to operate.  It works by amplifying the available light many thousands of times to create a visual image of the target.  However, adverse weather conditions can severely limit the effectiveness of these scopes. And conversely, too much light can overwhelm and compromise their performance.

In contrast, the FLIR Systems LS night vision cameras deliver a consistent performance regardless of prevailing light levels.  They work by detecting invisible infrared or heat radiation, creating images based on temperature differences between areas and objects.

Two models complete the series. The FLIR LS32 with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, has 2x discrete digital zoom and operates over a distance of 640m.  Its higher specification counterpart is the LS64 that has a 640 x 480 detector, up to 4x digital zoom, continuous electric zoom and a range capability of 1080m.

Both are equipped with advanced, built-in camera software that delivers crisp images without the need for user adjustment.  Standard features also include a laser pointer to pinpoint suspects in the dark and InstAlert that colours the part of the scene red to highlight the target.

Long-life rechargeable Li-ion batteries provide a typical operating time of 5 to 7 hours per charge.  Camera weight is 340g including battery.  These new additions to the FLIR Systems law enforcement range are also IP67 rated, allowing them to withstand harsh field service and all weather conditions.  They can operate effectively in a temperature range from -20◦C to +50◦C.

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