Low Cost Industrial Vision Cameras Boost Security Applications

Low Cost Industrial Vision Cameras Boost Security Applications

The uEye XS and XC Series of low cost USB industrial cameras from IDS Imaging Development Systems offers a powerful alternative to the consumer-type cameras used in many security applications. Ideally suited for applications such as access control, ID systems, vending machines, kiosks, biometrics and embedded systems the XS and XC cameras are characterized by their longevity of supply and the level of in-camera control functions that they offer.

Long product life cycle
IDS uEye cameras have a much longer product life cycle than consumer cameras and are supplied with a software development kit (SDK) which provides a consistent and reliable environment. By releasing new drivers for the cameras, new features and functions can be uploaded to existing cameras as well as old features still being supported. This is a powerful benefit compared to consumer cameras which may not be on the market for very long, or may be subjected to hardware or software modifications that change their functionality, which could be problematic for a system relying on a particular function. The uEye XS features USB2.0 connectivity, while the recently launched uEye XC makes use of the new, higher speed USB 3.0 data transfer standard.

Low Cost Industrial Vision Cameras Boost Security Applications

Outstanding camera performance
The uEye XS and XC both offer excellent performance and functionality, producing high-resolution images every time, even in varying ambient conditions. The XS features 5 MPixel resolution while the XC has a 13 Mpixel sensor meaning that both cameras can provide a range of image formats including full HD resolution. The cameras have impressive functionality which combines the convenience of commercial digital cameras with the robustness of industrial vision cameras:

  • Auto or manual focus – controlled through software
  • Digital zoom
  • Automatic image control functions, including auto white balance, auto gain and auto exposure time automatically adapt to changing light conditions
  • Compact industrial housing allows the cameras to be integrated into tightest spaces

Images can be output in either compressed or uncompressed jpg format. Compressed output cuts the bandwidth required, while uncompressed data preserves all the data making it ideal for any further processing such as face recognition. The XC has a face detection feature which can automatically find up to 8 faces per image with automatic adjustment of camera parameters to ensure optimum reproduction of skin tones.
The cameras are supplied with the IDS Software Suite. This allows all the camera parameters to be configured individually and makes integration easy. An image/video stabilization feature can prevent blurring due to movement or reduce it to a minimum. Support is also provided for embedded systems such as the ARM-processor-based single board computers which include the Raspberry Pi.

For more information, visit en.ids-imaging.com

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