Low cost industrial cameras for surveillance and ITS applications

Low cost industrial cameras

Low cost industrial cameras for surveillance and ITS applications

IDS Imaging Development Systems offer a wide range of low cost industrial cameras that are ideally suited to a host of surveillance and ITS applications. Using the latest CCD and CMOS sensors, the uEye range of cameras are characterised by their excellent image quality and provide a wide range of functionality, including triggering, not found on CCTV cameras. With a choice of sensor resolutions and USB2, USB3 or GigE connectivity, all the cameras are controlled using identical software from IDS to make integration easy. The latest driver is compatible with both Windows and Linux and offers streaming capabilities.

Meeting challenging imaging requirements
IDS uEye cameras offer the capability to produce high quality images in the challenging environments often found in surveillance applications. In particular, high dynamic range cameras are available which can provide 1000x the dynamic range of conventional sensors. These cameras can produce high quality images of moving objects in widely varying lighting conditions, for example in the open air where the sun may come in and out at random times, underground car parks, tunnels or traffic monitoring at night (for example checking registration number plates without interference from the vehicle headlights).

All uEye cameras offer triggering functions to ensure that the sensor can be exposed at a precise point in time rather than just operating in a free-running mode. This can be particularly important in applications such as ANPR and for speed calculations. Cameras can accept trigger signals from motion detectors, barriers being raised, pressure sensors etc.
uEye cameras offer resolution up to 13 MPixels, meaning that the most suitable resolution can be chosen for the application. For example, resolution choice could be influenced by the field of view necessary such as the number traffic lanes to be covered, different sizes of number plates etc.

Versatile data handling
One of the most powerful benefits offered by uEye cameras is that of data handling, both in the ways that the image data can be processed and the way that data can be transferred to a host PC. The latest driver allows uncompressed data from any of the camera types to be used for processing and streams can then be sent to remote systems from the PC using the MJPEG or H.264 video compression formats. A choice of USB2, USB3 and GigE data transfer interfaces is available. GigE data transmission standard not only allows image data to be transferred over distances up to 100 metres using standard Ethernet cable, but also provides an ability to ensure that every packet sent over the network is delivered to the host PC, since it can detect lost packets and resend them. A standard CCTV system would just transmit a stream of data – if some were lost, this would not be able to be recovered.

Embedded systems
Recognising the popularity of powerful embedded processors in many applications, IDS has introduced support for Linux embedded systems with ARMv7 Cortex-A architecture. A single standard driver allows the use of IDS cameras with boards such as Odroid, BeagleBoard, Freescale i.MX6 etc. A driver is also available for Raspberry Pi. The low energy requirement and high performance of the ARM (Advanced RISC Machines) architecture makes the microprocessor chips the most widely used in the embedded sector. Used extensively in mobile devices, these processors allow sophisticated front end processing so that limited bandwidth results can be transmitted using, for example, 3G/4G connectivity.

For more information, visit http://en.ids-imaging.com/store/produkte/kameras.html.

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