Lodge Service awarded security contract for Serviced Office Group

Lodge SOG Serviced Office Group (2)Serviced Office Group, the AIM-listed provider of office space and IT facilities which operates 23 business centres, has selected Lodge Service as the new supplier of security for its South East locations.

Savings in the cost of protecting property and assets are estimated at 28 per cent, achieved by undertaking a strategic review of its security operating model across its estate.

Serviced Office Group, primarily in London and the South East, include the newly refurbished and prestigious 33,000 sq. ft. Mermaid House office block at Blackfriars, London EC4, adjoining the Mermaid Theatre and conference centre.

All sites are monitored at Lodge Service’s high-security data centre at Accrington, Lancashire, which is staffed 24 hours a day. The network’s software and hardware platform enables monitoring of almost any client on-site system or service, including HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) and fire alarms, with alerts to a smartphone, tablet or other selected device.

The combination of security systems and trained manpower in the Lodge Service intelligence network enables premises’ managers to target resources according to the risk and cost profile, to maximise both safety and return on investment, according to Stuart Lodge, CEO of Lodge Service. The company works with organisations to identify the principal security issues, quantify the level of impact, and then find the best solution, with agreed key performance indicators to measure outcomes .

“Lodge Service offered the experience in both guarding and monitoring, as well as robust management reporting and the flexibility to provide the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure the performance and productivity required for the programme.” said Anne Stokes of Serviced Office Group.

“By continually benchmarking service providers we can ensure that Serviced Office Group and its clients receive the maximum benefit from both innovation and value for money. The initial assessment and periodic re-examination of partners ensures the solutions provided by us are always best in class and robust. ”

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