Locken Secures UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks

LOCKEN, leading developers of cable free access control, whose unique solution concentrates on power, intelligence and communication in one smart key, is working with UK Power Networks to secure its electricity supply infrastructure.

LOCKEN equips more than 1,500 UK power distribution facilities with its digital access control system, enabling the power supply network to deliver maximum performance to its customers. The solution also improves health and safety procedures for the power group’s employees and subcontractors.

This solution allows UK Power Networks to move away from mechanical key-locking systems and make the transition to a solution built around smart keys and electronic cylinders.

The solution deployed by LOCKEN includes the company’s LPCB4 electronic high-security padlocks, which are the most secure in the range. Only registered and accredited personnel are able to access work locations. Every lock opening or attempted opening can be tracked on the system for subsequent analysis.

The three networks operated by UK Power Networks use more than 100,000 miles of underground cables and overhead power lines — a distance approximately equivalent to four times the circumference of the Earth.

Reliable power supplies, especially for the critical infrastructure, are essential for the UK. The decision by UK Power Networks to continue investing in the security of its network and infrastructure is a key part of achieving this reliability.

Nick Dooley, UK MD at LOCKEN explains, “The unique all-digital concept, with the energy supplied by the key, interested UKPN because it allows simple, flexible, efficient access management and it is supported by proven software, giving improved operational efficiency which equals enhanced profitability.”

For further information about LOCKEN, visit www.locken.co.uk, find us on Facebook or telephone 0203 691 1610.

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