LOCKEN provides the Access Control Solution

LOCKEN provides the Access Control Solution

LOCKEN provides the Access Control Solution

LOCKEN is working with a number of UK and European convention centres to secure their large exhibition venues.

Exhibition and conference centres employ hundreds of staff and see thousands of visitors pass through their doors each day, therefore it is vital that their infrastructure, assets, staff, service providers and customers operate in a safe and secure environment, backed up by a robust access control solution.

With clients including The NEC in Birmingham, The Convention Centre Dublin and Marseille Chanot Exhibition and Convention Centre, LOCKEN provides a secure and traceable access control management solution based on the innovative CyberLock™ technology.

“The LOCKEN system enables us to provide bespoke access to our clients, as and when it is required,” says Philip Hartigan, Head of Security at The Convention Centre Dublin. “It allows us to monitor and restrict access to specific areas, meaning we have been able to reallocate security officers who were previously responsible for opening restricted access areas, signing out keys and monitoring key registers.”

Nick Dooley, managing director of LOCKEN UK explains: “Ensuring the safety of people and the security of goods while providing maximum productivity is our priority. Monitoring and controlling restricted access is paramount, with data capture and analysis providing vital information in the event of a security breach.

“We have secured over one million access points worldwide and take great pride in offering a robust and reliable access control solution to an industry that is vulnerable to risks, including terrorism, vandalism and theft, which are associated with being a large public venue.”

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