LOCKEN provides security solution to Airport Industry

LOCKEN provides security solution to Airport Industry

LOCKEN provides security solution to Airport Industry

LOCKEN, leading developers of cable free access control, whose unique solution concentrates on power, intelligence and communication in one smart key, provides a robust and traceable security solution for airports.

In the field of air transport, where millions of passengers transit each year, optimal security is key to ensuring the smooth flow of day-to-day operations.

The access control system provides full control and management of multiple entry points, and allows thousands of users to have individual access permissions. The ability to monitor and control restricted access is paramount, with data capture and analysis providing vital information to airport security managers.

Alain de la Meslière, Director of Operations at Toulouse Blagnac airport and member of the Executive Board explains:

“When it comes to access control, we face all kinds of challenges; the most demanding one being to ensure fool proof control of sensitive access points and restricted areas. It is compulsory for the system in place to provide us with accurate information about access. The LOCKEN solution, which enables data supervision and validation of the proper conduct of regulatory inspections, genuinely meets with this requirement.

“The system also offers real added value in terms of flexibility of access rights. Inside the perimeter of airport infrastructures, numerous projects are conducted to upgrade the airport facilities and it is essential to be able to grant limited rights to employees of external companies who work on the site. It would be fair to say that the LOCKEN solution contributes effectively to our strategic objectives in terms of customer service performance and security.”

Nick Dooley, Managing Director of LOCKEN UK says:

“LOCKEN has secured over one million access points worldwide and takes great pride in offering a robust and reliable access control solution to an industry that is vulnerable to risks, including terrorism, vandalism and theft.”

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