Creator of Le Mans Circuit, Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) selects LOCKEN access control and security system

Creator of Le Mans Circuit, Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) selects LOCKEN access control and security system

Creator of Le Mans Circuit,  Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) selects LOCKEN access control and security system

ACO (Automobile Club de l’Ouest, or roughly translated, the Automobile Club of the West), creator and organiser of the famous 24 hours of Le Mans, has selected the leading integrator of a secure and traceable access control solution, LOCKEN for its fast and reliable security system. 

Behind the tireless car tracks, says the company, there is a set of intricate and complex facilities. In close proximity to the entrance, which welcomes more than quarter of a million spectators, there is a museum, about 40 restaurants,  20 shops, a medical centre, security stations all along the circuit, paddocks ,where more than 10,000 competition tyres are stored, and of course the stands for each of the 60 competitors.

This accounts for hundreds of different access points, requiring a variety of permissions, which must be closely controlled and monitored by ACO, LOCKEN explained.

Access rights are extensive for ACO employees, and some of the circuit’s customers, such as Porsche, which operates a modern building on the track side, while competitors and special guests have limited rights. The Porsche Experience Centre allows fans to try out its cars, all year round, on an allocated part of the circuit.

With approximately 800,000 visitors hosted on the site each year, ACO has to account for 300,000 accesses, 53,000 of which must be managed during the competition, or the equivalent of 1,800 accesses controlled per day in June.

The specific requirements for access to its enclosure led ACO to focus on the management of access rights, to ensure perfect traceability for all stakeholders. The scope and diversity of facilities, which total several hundreds of crossing points, requires a secure, yet flexible solution.

LOCKEN’s Cyberlock solution is based on unique key-centric technology, which provides the highest possible levels of security and efficiency, with the power delivered by a re-chargeable digital smart key and innovative software (including traceable data).

Key-centric access management is built with the user in mind, it is based around three elements, a smart key, digital cylinders and a unique software suite, providing robust access control.

A trial phase, over several years, has allowed ACO to confirm the reliability and ease of use of the technologies, and LOCKEN to illustrate its enhanced capabilities.  The system already handles 544 points on the site, with 407 different keys to enable access.

Toze Coelho, who is in charge of access within the operational management at ACO, comments: “In 2016, we equipped the sports module, which is at the heart of the race, dedicated to the management of safety – monitoring by cameras/monitors – where instructions are given to the commissioners positioned along the track. This space is highly sensitive, equipped with multiple networks, and is prohibited to the public.

“Our aim is to extend this process to provide full access control, and we are particularly keen to equip the Museum of the 24 hours of Le Mans with the LOCKEN solution.”

By contributing to the security of the 24 hours of Le Mans circuit, LOCKEN says it has positioned itself as a leading player in providing enhanced access control solutions to international venues and events.

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