Locken Launches Intelligent Vault Technology for Safe Key Storage

LOCKEN has announced the addition of the CyberKey® Vault 20S to its innovative solution.

Based on Cyberlock technology, the Vault 20S brings additional value to LOCKEN’s solution in environments where it is more appropriate or advantageous to keep the keys in a centralised location. The vault prevents keys from ever leaving the premises, and with an integrated on-board computer it is designed to secure up to 20 rechargeable digital keys at any one time.

The keys retained in the Vault 20S remain un-programmed until an authorised user presents an approved PIN or RFID device to the vault:  the vault’s internal server will then programme a key with the specified permissions. Once the user has returned the key to the cabinet, it charges the key’s battery and downloads the audit trail from its memory.

Nick Dooley, Managing Director of LOCKEN UK explains: “This new multi-functional device meets the needs of many of our existing and potential single- and multi-site customers. It allows business managers to issue, programme and protect their smart keys simultaneously and to assign access rights in real time.

“This new and advanced solution will result in improved smart key management, heightened security and increased efficiency.”

For further information about LOCKEN, visit www.locken.co.uk, find us on Facebook or telephone 0203 691 1610.

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