LiveGuard shines at IFSEC 2012 with alarm and monitoring systems

Glamex phone
Glamex phone

Glamex phone

LiveGuard, from LiveGuard Security, met great approval at IFSEC 2012. The unique combination of intruder detection and CCTV monitoring technology was well-received and deemed to be an excellent concept. LiveGuard has been designed to protect residential and commercial premises, with the initial intrusion verified by a user on their smartphone.

Visitors to the LiveGuard Security stand were able to see demonstrations of the LiveGuard system using the on-site RSU and cameras to remotely notify the user’s smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Blackberry) if an intruder is detected. Alerts can be sent as an image or voice mail notification.

The user views a real-time image stream of the event on the smartphone from the point of intrusion and is able to confirm whether the intrusion is unwanted or a known visitor.

The speed with which an intrusion can be addressed impressed visitors. Options to either cancel the call or forward the image stream to a designated monitoring station for action were deemed effective. If the user is unable to respond to the original notification for any reason, the RSU is programmed to automatically redirect the notification to another designated smartphone or cascade it straight to the monitoring station.

High quality images of the intrusion are recorded on the site RSU for evidential purposes and off-site on LiveGuard’s own server as back-up. Remote viewing by the user with their smartphone is also enabled, as well as the ability to replay the event and activate or deactivate alarms.

LiveGuard is set to become an established intrusion detection system, suitable for domestic and commercial use. Its additional site management options have made it very versatile and an attractive, affordable security tool.

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