LiveGuard Security utilises smartphones to verify intrusions

Glamex phone
Glamex phone

Glamex phone

LiveGuard, from LiveGuard Security, is a security solution with a unique combination of intruder detection and CCTV monitoring technology. It has been designed to protect residential and commercial premises, with the initial intrusion verified by a user on their smartphone.

The LiveGuard remote sensor unit (RSU) is installed on-site in software only (on an existing PC), tablet (touch-screen), standard or Pro RSU formats. Up to 4 IP or analogue cameras are connected to the RSU by wireless, Ethernet or PoE. If an intruder is detected at the site, an image or voice mail notification is sent to the user’s smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Blackberry). The user views a real-time image stream of the event on the smartphone from the point of intrusion and is able to confirm whether the intrusion is unwanted or a known visitor.

A single button press enables the user to either cancel the call or forward the image stream to a designated monitoring station for action. If the user is unable to respond to the original notification for any reason, the RSU is set to automatically redirect the notification to another designated smartphone or cascade it straight to the monitoring station.

High quality images of the intrusion are recorded on the site RSU for evidential purposes and off-site on LiveGuard’s own server as back-up. Remote viewing by the user with their smartphone is also enabled, as well as the ability to replay the event and activate or deactivate alarms.

Day time CCTV mode and night-time alarm modes can be set remotely. Several sites can be accessed and controlled from a single phone. Smartphone control of pan, tilt and zoom functionality is also enabled on PTZ / dome cameras. A ‘Z-Wave’ interface allows users to switch on lights and unlock doors with the smartphone, as well as receive remote alarms from smoke detectors, PIRs and other alarm devices.

System installation is quick and simple, with all system cameras being automatically detected and set up. Camera, router and RSU connections can be wireless, Ethernet and PoE with a 3G option for sites without a broadband connection.

LiveGuard integrates with IMMIX control software for compatibility with most monitoring stations. A 64 camera Enterprise solution is also available for larger applications.


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