Linear launches Hub Manager 8.1 Professional upgrade

hub manager box

hub manager boxLinear LLC has announced the release of its Hub Manager 8.1 Professional Software, which is Windows 8 compliant and provides easy-to-use commercial access control management reports.

The new software is included with all Secured Series systems and kits, as well as prox.pad Plus and LS2 Series products, and provides management reports for the commercial access control market as well as a number of additional enhancements over the previous version.

Hub Manager 8.1 Professional Software uses “Access Levels” for construction of logical groupings of doors, sites, users and time zones. Building access levels, adding doors, creating users and setting system parameters are easy with Hub Manager Professional’s setup wizards. With the ability to program and manage all current and legacy hardware platforms such as Max3, MiniMax3, HubMax II, Hub MiniMax II, prox.pad plus and the LS2 series locksets, Hub Manager Professional streamlines access systems reporting and management.

Some of the new features included in the Hub Manager software include: selectable modem retries, first-in auto unlock triggered by user, data transfer device for LS and prox.pad IR, faster data communication across IP networks and data transfer support for printer software. Installers can also expand time management reports and edit each door’s access level separately.

“As more businesses adopt Windows 8 and improve IT infrastructure, it is critical that their access control management systems keeps pace,” said Duane Paulson, senior vice president of product and market development. “Linear’s Hub Manager Professional software is powerful, easy-to-use and provides all the necessary set-up and reporting functions businesses need to effectively manage all facets of access control.”


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