Lincoln CCTV operators praised for work in capturing dangerous sex offender

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Security News Desk

A predatory sex attacker who targeted young women walking alone on Lincoln High Street has been jailed after he was identified on CCTV.

Nicholas Clements, 23 of Lincoln, was found guilty of attacking two women in separate incidents in October last year.

He was identified by a police officer who recognised him from CCTV footage. The identification quality images were taken by CCTV operators who had been advised by police that there was a sex offender in the area. Spotting someone acting suspiciously, they were able to zoom in and capture the image.

DC Phil Richardson said: “Without the City Of Lincoln Council CCTV team we would not have detected these crimes.

“The initial poorer quality footage was run in the Echo, raising awareness of the offender. He then struck again, with the CCTV team managing to get a good quality shot of his face when they saw him acting suspiciously in the city.

“It was this image that led to the identification of Clements and his arrest and conviction.

“Clements is a predatory offender who is a threat to women and this sentence is extremely welcome.”

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Thanks: Ilker Dervish, Comfortzone CCTV, for the tip.

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