LILIN launches the first 16 channel touchscreen NVR

LILIN NVR Touch touchscreen monitor
LILIN NVR Touch touchscreen monitor

LILIN NVR Touch touchscreen monitor

LILIN, world-class manufacturer of digital video security systems, has launched the NVR-116, a ground breaking, 16-channel, HD IP network video recorder with touch-screen operation.

The NVR Touch is a standalone Network Video Recorder capable of displaying and recording up to 16 HD (1080P) IP video channels at 25 FPS simultaneously. It can be operated using a DVR-style front panel with familiar features such as jog-shuttle; an IR remote control; a PTZ keyboard; or a standard touch screen monitor. LILIN’s unique, touch-screen interface takes advantage of highly intuitive smartphone-style features like ‘pinch and zoom’, multi-touch and scrolling, icon based menus, deliberately avoiding traditional PC-style screens. The touch-screen increases operator speed and minimizes the time taken to learn the system.

Jason Hill, Group Vice President of LILIN explains the developmental significance of the NVR Touch. “Most NVRs currently available are PC-based. This is because it is much easier to develop software-based NVRs that utilize the PC for recording and decoding HD video streams than it is to design and develop standalone systems. It was the same for DVR development 10 years ago. The earliest digital recorders were PC-based for manufacturer not operator simplicity. However, second generation DVR’s were standalone. They were specifically designed for security and surveillance applications and are much preferred by installers and end users.

“LILIN’s NVR Touch is a second generation NVR, designed from scratch for the CCTV market. It has taken us 4 years to develop a processor for decoding real time HD video streams that does not rely on a PC. It was a considerable challenge and investment, but essential to making products that are straightforward for installers to set up and operate. The NVR-116 is capable of recording and displaying 16 real-time HD channels and supports 8 internal hard drives, it also has a unique multi-touch screen interface. This is another world first from LILIN. Having developed the hardware platform for this NVR we plan to incorporate it into other HD IP systems for more specialized markets.”

The NVR-116 also has an automated installation wizard (WS Discovery) which locates all the cameras on the network and imports a preview picture of each channel to help with identification. This greatly speeds up commissioning. Users can easily export audio and video recordings to a USB, the NVR’s integrated DVD or to a protected part of a hard drive, using the drag and drop timeline. Remote viewing from smartphones is fully enabled, with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and iPad compatibility.

The NVR-116 offers a superb standalone solution for managing and recording IP cameras. Currently there is nothing else on the market like it. A world’s first from LILIN.


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