License Plate Recognition by INEX/Zamir enhances OnSSI’s Ocularis

OnSSI Ocularis integrates with INEX/Zamir

OnSSI Ocularis integrates with INEX/Zamir

OnSSI Ocularis integrates with INEX/Zamir

Integrated system combines positive vehicle identification with real-time video.

Pearl River, NY (January 20, 2011) – OnSSI, the market leader in open-architecture, intelligent IP-based video surveillance software, announces integration of the Ocularis IP Video Management platform with license plate recognition capabilities provided by INEX/Zamir. The integrated system expands the capabilities of Ocularis with the addition of license plate capture despite bright headlights, direct sunlight or low light levels (down to 0.0 lux). The INEX/Zamir system transforms the license plate image into data, which can be used by Ocularis to call up real-time video based on the license plate number or to provide instant notification/alarms for vehicles of interest. The combined technologies provide users a single interface to view video and license plate information and offer positive ID of vehicles as a new element to boost the usefulness of Ocularis.

“License plate recognition provides valuable real-time information to any security or video surveillance system, and we are pleased to supplement the power of Ocularis with the advantages of the INEX/Zamir license plate recognition system,” said Gadi Piran, President and Chief Technology Officer, OnSSI. “Incorporating license plate recognition into Ocularis both combines and simplifies the user interface and expands the functionality of both systems. The integration of these systems demonstrates the immense value of open architecture systems for integrators and users. We are proud to work with INEX/Zamir to share the benefits of their best-of-breed innovations with Ocularis customers.”

INEX/Zamir provides guaranteed license plate capture – “any plate, anytime, any speed” – using a turnkey solution that incorporates the company’s license plate imagers, software and applications. For more than 15 years, INEX/Zamir has worked to perfect the capture of license plate information to create a system that reads license plates in real time and determines if a vehicle is of interest by matching it to a BOLO (“be on the lookout”) list. Integration with Ocularis enables an immediate, actionable event to be sent to the Ocularis Event Manager to allow security users to instantly view video of the area, to see a picture of the plate, and to see details about the BOLO vehicle. Benefits to the end-user also include the ability to track vehicle patterns.

INEX/Zamir is the result of the merger in 2006 of INEX Technologies of Knoxville, Tennessee, and Zamir Recognition Systems of Jerusalem, Israel. The merged company is dedicated to applying the most current, proven information extraction techniques to meet the requirements of real world applications all over the world.

“We are excited about the strategic partnership with OnSSI and pleased to be part of their Ocularis platform which meets the end user’s requirements for a single source, fully integrated, video management command/control platform. We have worked closely with OnSSI engineering to insure the INEX/ZAMIR ALPR technology seamlessly populates the Ocularis system with critical vehicle plate information, providing a superior solution for the most demanding of global deployment applications,” said Jim Kennedy President and Founder of INEX/ZAMIR Technologies.

OnSSI’s Ocularis IP Video Management solution is an open-architecture, non-proprietary, video-centric software platform that allows viewing, management and recording of video from an unlimited number of IP and non-IP video surveillance cameras. Ocularis also allows for video storage management and can correlate and fuse video and non-video events and alerts, resulting in automatic video delivery to subscribers of interest.

About OnSSI
With over tens of thousands of installations around the world and more citywide deployments than any other video surveillance software solution, OnSSI is the choice of security and IT professionals. OnSSI’s solutions fit needs of all sizes and enable users to choose best-of-breed components, grow with their needs over time and increase productivity and efficiency in order to help security professionals keep their facilities safer more easily.

INEX/Zamir has been supplying proven ALPR (Automatic License Plate Reader) technology globally for more than fifteen years. We are the technology resource that organizations around the world have come to recognize as the single source solution for the most demanding of vehicle identification applications. INEX/ZAMIR products accurately capture license plate information from vehicles in real time, under the most demanding of conditions. INEX/ZAMIR products are deployed in over 22 countries providing Traffic Pattern Analysis, Vehicle of Interest Alerting, Access Control, Toll Violation Enforcement, Parking Revenue Management, Security, and collecting data for logging and future analysis.


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