Levison Wood and William Hague at Infosecurity Europe 2016

Brian Honan inducted into Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame

Levison Wood and William Hague at Infosecurity Europe 2016

Infosecurity Europe, Europe’s largest and most comprehensive Information Security event, is delighted to announce that keynote presentations will be delivered by explorer and writer Levison Wood and The Right Honourable Lord Hague of Richmond at this year’s Infosecurity Europe taking place at OLYMPIA from Tuesday 7th - Thursday 9th June 2016.

On Tuesday 7th June, explorer and writer Levison Wood will deliver the opening keynote presentation, drawing on his experiences walking the Nile and the Himalayas and during deployments across Africa and Asia as a Captain in the Parachute Regiment. Levison will share his perspective on risk, resilience and operational security as well as his lessons learned from his epic journeys in some of the most dangerous and extreme environments on the planet.

On Wednesday 8th June, Former Foreign Secretary, Leader of the House of Commons and First Secretary of State Lord Hague will share his perspective on the challenge of balancing personal privacy, information security and national security and to what extent should intelligence agencies and government have the right to access personal data in the interests of national security.

Victoria Windsor, Content Manager, Infosecurity Europe said:

“In his role as Foreign Secretary, Lord Hague championed the UK as a world leader in cyber security, also highlighting the need for international collaboration to address the global threat of cybercrime. We are very much looking forward to hearing his views on balancing the conflicting challenges of privacy and security. Levison Wood has experienced a very different kind of risk in his career, and he will present a new dimension on how any threat or challenge can be approached. Both sessions will, I am sure, provide valuable out-takes for the Keynote Stage audience. I am delighted we are able to welcome both Lord Hague and Levison Wood to Infosecurity Europe this year.”

Kerry Prince, Senior Director of Infosecurity Group said:

“Lord Hague and Levison Wood’s presentations will provide very different perspectives on key challenges affecting our industry, and I’m sure both sessions will set the benchmark for an excellent three day conference programme. We have eight conference and seminar theatres at Infosecurity Europe, which enables us to curate a comprehensive Conference Programme of best practice presentations and panel discussions to meet all knowledge needs of our attendees. We are very excited to have these Keynote Speeches in this year’s schedule.”

The Keynote Stage, the vibrant hub of the conference programme, will also feature senior representatives from organisations including Barclays, Forrester, Imperial College London, ISACA, Metropolitan Police Service, Network Rail, Ticketmaster, Uber and Unilever.

Topics for 2016 include:

o Effective strategies and tactics to mitigate the human risk

o Ensuring the basics of resilient security are in place and new approaches to detect and respond to security incidents

o Tools, techniques and strategies to protect data privacy, secure information and balance privacy and security

o Understanding the new technology paradigm and the implications for information security


Infosecurity Europe takes place at Olympia, London 7-9 June 2016. This year’s theme is Intelligent Security: Securing the Connected Organisation.

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