Lenovo unveils new line of high performance NVRs


LenovoEMC have launched a new line of pre-configured, fully-functional double-drive and quad-drive high performance desktop network video recorders (NVRs) with 24×7 server class SATA hard disks.

The new line of high performance NVRs with expanded video surveillance capabilities deliver superior performance in capturing, sharing and storing digital video surveillance files.

The new Lenovo EMC NVRs – created by LenovoEMC Ltd, a joint venture between Lenovo and EMC that features the former Iomega network storage business – are ideal for businesses who are looking for an easy way to setup and install a reliable IP based surveillance solution and those participating in the ongoing industry upgrade from analog-based surveillance systems.

The new Lenovo EMC NVRs are the first in the industry to feature Milestone Arcus, the newest and Linux based video management software (VMS) from Milestone, the industry leader in open platform IP video management software.

There are three models in the new Lenovo EMC NVR product family – all featuring some of the industry’s most robust and reliable server-class SATA hard disks: the double-drive Lenovo EMC px2-300d NVR with Milestone Arcus, which includes 4TB of storage and 4 camera licenses; and two versions of the new four-drive Lenovo EMC px4-300d NVR with Milestone Arcus™, one with 4TB and 8 camera licenses and one with 8TB and 16 camera licenses. Each model also comes with a free one-year software update plan, enabling users to receive the latest feature updates and releases from Milestone.

Key Features of new Lenovo Network Video Recorders
· Automated camera detection and setup – “No Configuration,” be up a nd running in minutes
· Instant start-up in Milestone Arcus video surveillance mode without the need for additional software installs
· Fully featured NAS on top of video management appliance
· Supports wide range of IP cameras enabling megapixel resoluti ons and analog cameras through the optional 16 channel PCIe video encoder card accessory, enabling those who have analog installations to easily use their current infrastructure as they migrate to IP.
· Pre-installed with 24×7 server-class SATA hard disk s delivering 2.8x higher reliability (MTBF) than standard hard disks and perfect for random I/O video surveillance workloads
· Strong video recording features:
– Motion Detection
– Live View and Playback
– Export of evidence
– Mobile application live view (iOS & Android)
– Alert notifications

LenovoEMC also expects to offer the Milestone Arcus VMS as a downloadable application from www.lifelineapps.com for users of any Lenovo-branded high performance px series network storage devices; note that the Milestone Arcus VMS will also work with all existing Iomega-branded px series as long as they are updated with the latest LenovoEMC LifeLine 4.0 software version. The downloadable version of Milestone Arcus will include two demo camera licenses that will work for 30 days. Full camera licenses can be purchased and activated.

To learn more about the new Lenovo EMC NVRs as well as other Lenovo network storage solutions, please go to the Web at www.lenovoemc.com.
For more information on Milestone Arcus, please go to www.milestonesys.com/arcus.

Pricing: The new Lenovo EMC NVR products are now available. Pricing starts at approximately £955 (ex VAT) for the Lenovo EMC px2-300d NVR with Milestone Arcus.

*1 TB = 1,000,000,000,000 bytes

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