Leading Scottish Cyber Security Firm shortlisted for Prestitgious Award

Cyber Security

Edinburgh-based cyber security firm ZoneFox (www.zonefox.com) has been shortlisted as a finalist for the UK’s most Innovative Small Cyber Security Company of the year.

ZoneFox has developed proprietary technology which helps companies detect and analyse deliberate and accidental internal breaches of network security and violation of IT policy. The system is particularly aimed at companies who have valuable intellectual property and data to protect such as technology, electronics, engineering and pharmaceutical companies.

Jamie Graves, CEO and co-founder of ZoneFox said: “We are very pleased to have qualified as a finalist in the awards. Insider data breaches are very much a hidden problem and the majority of solutions out there are designed to protect from external threats and it is this area that gets the most publicity. Our technology constantly monitors activity on the endpoint so that management can be alerted in real time of any potential threats. For example, we recently carried out an audit exercise for a global engineering company. Using our systems we were able to find out that unbeknown to the company an employee had been secretly backing up highly sensitive information to an external drive. The information stolen was potentially worth up to £10m. Employees can steal information either for monetary gain or simply for malicious purposes if they are disgruntled. In most cases companies only find out after the data has gone or been sold to a competitor.”

Matt Little, Chief Technology Officer at ZoneFox added: “Companies generally do not realise how many people potentially have access to valuable, confidential and sensitive information. Moreover employees may have permission to install software and use their own devices at work and this can be used to access and extract data. Password systems, however sophisticated, are no match for a determined employee, partner or supplier. The only answer is to continually monitor the end-point activity on the network and identify any anomalous behaviour. We have recently enhanced our system with an artificial intelligence capability which can instantly distinguish between good and bad activity on the network and flag this up for forensic analysis.”

For further information about ZoneFox please visit www.zonefox.com

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