Leading Bank of Zimbabwe connects branches with Matrix Gateways

Matrix Gateways

A well-renowned bank of Zimbabwe with 60+ branch offices located across the country chose Matrix Gateways Solution for multi branch connectivity. Their mission is to satisfy their customer’s needs with innovative financial solutions adhering services, competency and flexibility.


  • Connect 60+ bank branch offices across the country for inter-branch Calling
  • Huge communication overhead for branch-to-branch calling using PSTN
  • Migration from old legacy telephony to new-age VoIP network without replacing existing PBX set-up


  • Easily interconnected Gateways with existing PBX system
  • Connected branches with peer-to-peer IP telephony feature
  • Bypassed PSTN toll charges for inter-branch calling
  • Customer saved thousands of dollars while retaining existing telecom infrastructure
  • Enhanced collaboration and reduced decision making time among branch office users


  • Connected 60+ branch offices seamlessly
  • Reduced telecom cost by 80%
  • Centralized Management of System
  • Convenience delivered with plug-n-play operations
  • Saved cost on infrastructure


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