Launch of ADT Smart Home improves home security

Launch of ADT Smart Home improves home security

Launch of ADT Smart Home improves home security – giving homeowners more control of who is and is not under their roof

Leading security company ADT, have announced the launch of ADT Smart Home. A new home automation solution that allows homeowners to manage their home security, from wherever they are in the world.

ADT Smart Home will bring UK consumers the ease to access a smart home security system with the knowledge that it is also monitored 24/7 by an established security provider.

Many DIY security kits offer home automation, but only ADT Smart Home combines smart technology with professional 24/7 monitoring and maintenance, giving homeowners reassurance and peace of mind that their home and loved ones are safe.

ADT Smart Home is the latest development from ADT to help meet the increasing consumer demand for more control over their home security. Data suggests that the increasing demand for security has seen industry revenue grow over the past five years, from £775 million to £856 million1.

Gail Hunter of ADT says:

“The 21st-century home is becoming smarter every day and whatever your level of technical proficiency, protecting your possessions, and family with minimal investment is within everyone’s grasp.”

“Although there are lots of DIY wireless security products out there, they require the home-owner to be solely responsible for installing the systems and responding to any intruder notifications. By pairing smart technology with a professional 24/7 monitoring service, we can offer homeowners and families even more peace of mind.”

ADT Smart Home uses state of the art home automation technology and far greater communication between the electronic devices to allow householders to manage their security remotely. Homeowners can now set and unset their alarm system via an app or a web portal anytime, anywhere. The alarm panel communicates with wireless motion sensors and door or window contact sensors, to detect intruders and alerts the monitoring centre and the homeowner to an intrusion.

Homeowners can rest assured that their home is safe thanks to the 24/7 monitoring. If the alarm is triggered, the keyholder and the police will be notified immediately.

ADT Smart Home offers new ways to manage the alarm system remotely using a computer or a smartphone, giving the homeowner control wherever they may be – specific scenarios can be created to reflect lifestyle needs. This solution also provides additional devices for managing home automation, including wirelessly controllable power plugs or video cameras, enabling them to switch lights on and off, and view inside their homes.

Whether it is receiving an alert when someone un-sets the alarm or when the alarm is triggered, checking the kids have arrived home from school, that an elderly relative is safe or that the family pet isn’t causing havoc, householders can manage and view it all from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Gail continues:

“We find that the use of ADT Smart Home as “people or pet minders” strikes a big chord among home owners, as the rise in multi- generational households has fuelled the use of smart home security devices to check-in on the kids and frailer members of the family.”

Following the successful launch of the system in Australia and South Africa, ADT will be launching in the UK at The Gadget Show Live on the 31st March at Birmingham NEC. The stand (D60) will be located in the Better Life arena and there will be live demonstrations of the ADT Smart Home system and app during the four day exhibition.

The launch marks the security firm’s commitment to providing its customers with the most advanced security and its vision for the future protection of the ‘digital home’.

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