Latest Siqura S-64E/32G video encoder, featuring Edge Recording

The Siqura S-64E /32G video encoder

The Siqura S-64E /32G video encoder

The Siqura S-64E /32G video encoder integrates with leading manufacturers’ CCTV systems, allowing complete remote access and control. Siqura has enabled this functionality using Open Streaming Architecture (OSA) design and ONVIF Profile S protocol support.

Edge recording

Edge recording in the video server protects the CCTV system’s integrity by recording video locally, should the system network or NVR fail. All four video channels are recorded, either simultaneously or individually, using a 32 GB µSDHC on-board memory card. Stored images can be accessed and managed through a password protected, AVI format web page or via OSA or ONVIF Profile S integration using the CCTV systems’ control devices.

Camera health-check

CCTV system operators are alerted to any changes in video image contrast, exposure, sharpness and noise by the server’s built-in, camera health-check feature. It compares the current camera video images with pre-defined reference images, warning users if camera tampering, video blocking, cloaking, spraying, camera position change or video loss have occurred.

Other features

Telemetry control of PTZ cameras and two-way RS-422/485 communications are enabled via a serial data port. Most leading manufacturers’ PTZ protocols are supported, including Pelco D.

The Siqura S-64E /32G video server operates at 12 VDC at 7.5 W; has on-board video motion detection; and has the option to include Siqura’s unique, “pluggable” SFP connection for Ethernet over fiber optic or Ethernet over coaxial cables.

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