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Instantly accessible recorded video

Video surveillance enables arrests, captures acts of vandalism, and can even save lives, but often this can be against the clock.  Fast access to recordings and live footage can be essential when responding to events in real time and it is therefore essential that surveillance system operators have immediate access to recorded video of any developing incident, as well as live video streams, in order to make quick and effective decisions as to the most appropriate response. Wavestore is able to provide instant access to recorded video, regardless of the size of the storage volume or the number of cameras deployed across a system, thanks to the uniquely efficient way in which Wavestore manages and stores video. The ability to locate specific video, even within many Petabytes of data, is enabled using a wide range of search options,

including a powerful metadata search function.
What’s more, the simultaneous export of images captured by any number of cameras can be achieved with just three clicks of a mouse with the help of Wavestore’s WaveView software. This provides police and other authorised users with the option to switch in ‘real-time’ between multiple recorded video clips in order to review evidence of an incident from different angles.

Wavestore’s instant search capability and innovative export feature ensure users can gain maximum advantage from their video recording solution, and particularly so for mission critical, complex and multi-site video surveillance projects, or where there may be a requirement to record images from large numbers of cameras as well as audio and other data.

re-deployable video solutions

Revader’s recently upgraded range of compact rapid all-in-one re-deployable cameras are supported by on board Wavestore recording and video management software. This provides users with the flexibility to record, store and manage video on the edge and when required, stream back video to any location on the network or over the web. Revader’s robust and feature rich HD cameras are designed to be installed in minutes and take into account that they may quite often need to be located in harsh environments where no power source exists, which is why the Revader Transit models can be powered by a 12v battery, solar or wind power

and offer 3G and 4G as well as Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity.Combining HD or D1 standard video recording with up to 1TB of video storage, the Revader models are provided complete with all the component parts of a plug and play style re-deployable solution, including built-in IR illuminators. Plus, customers who deploy Revader 360 degree models can capitalise on Wavestore’s highly acclaimed de-warping capability which allows operators to view de-warped images created from the recorded warped image and then control a ‘virtual’ PTZ function to track any activity.

Wavestore new Marketing DirectorNBM Distribution
technology summit
California Valley Solar Ranch power plant
We are pleased to introduce James Smith who has joined Wavestore as Marketing Director. During a career within the electronic security industry which spans over 20 years, James has worked for a number of market leading companies, including Norbain, Samsung Techwin and Axis Communications. NBM Distribution, who supply Wavestore’s hardware based solutions to the IT channel, are hosting a Technology Summit on 19th March, 2015 at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh. It will cover all aspects of IP surveillance from initial data capture, to its efficient transmission, recording, storage, protection and analysis.A Wavestore video recording solution is playing a key role in assisting the California Valley Solar Ranch, currently the world’s largest photovoltaic (PV) power plant facility, to protect its valuable high tech solar panels from thieves and at the same time negate the impact of its operations on wildlife.


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