Latest enhancements for Arbel long range thermal imager

Arbel Long Range Thermal ImagerThe new enhanced ARBEL thermal imager offers a dual field of view, which provides its operators with best situational awareness in a variety of defence and security applications.  By combining the next generation 640 pixel, 17 micron sensor with an advanced DSP-based platform provides <40mK sensitivity is achieved which allows detection of man sized targets at 3,500m and NATO objects at 9,000m.

Situational awareness is an essential requirement for every vehicle, ship and aircraft allowing the early identification of threats from missiles, lasers, people, vehicles, etc. It means anything that provides the person, ship or aircraft making defence or attack decisions with the best possible information. It combines the needs for combat identification, battle commands, communications and targeting.

The Arbel can form one input to the situation environment and can be fixed, mounted or integrated onto pan and tilt devices or built into a weapon sight system. It is ruggedized to withstand the harshest weather and environmental conditions, including rain, direct sunlight, high humidity and dust.

Fitted with a metal enclosure, which can be IP65 or  IP67, and protective connectors, the camera is vibration and shock resistant to military standard. It has a new 12/4 degrees dual field of view compact optics to facilitate rapid situational awareness. The unit works in temperatures from –30 to 60C and can be powered from 9V to 28V. It has military clearances MIL-STD-461D & Mil-STD 810E.  the casing is IP65 or can be IP67.

Arbel provides the user with the latest in target detection in difficult viewing conditions and will help in assessing critical situations leading to appropriate and rapid response.

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