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Octopus DQ! Don’t go around the problem, go over it!

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Octopus DQ

Don’t go around the problem, go over it!

Introducing the ideal overhead solution for any awkward installation, the Octopus DQ

This ceiling mount quad infrared detector utilises advanced Pyronix technologies, to cover everything from aisles in shops to large office spaces and provide complete peace of mind.

Deliver pioneering detection:

• Digital Quad Zone PIR
The Octopus DQ‘s Passive Infrared (PIR) sensor increases the detection capabilities when ceiling mounted due to the crossing of opposing detection zones that is required to generate an alarm condition.

• 360º coverage
With 360º detection coverage, the Octopus DQ easily and effectively detects from above to watch over an entire room. Even if the room layout changes, the security doesn’t.

• Pulse count (1, 2 & 3)
This is an adjustable feature to determine the number of pulses that are required to be triggered before an alarm activation occurs.

Now you can fit quickly and easily, with optimised installation:

  • Single Screw
  • Clip in PCB
  • Selectable EOL resistors
  • Walk test LED



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