KuppingerCole recommends Prot-On for the protection of shared documents


Prot-On, the online security start-up, takes another step forward  in its international expansion.  KuppingerCole, renowned European analyst, has produced a report about the Spanish Company stating that Prot-On provides a solution worth evaluating when considering  solutions  for enabling the process of sharing of unstructured data files securely (Secure Information Sharing).

KuppingerCole said, “When evaluating Secure Information Sharing solutions, Prot-On is definitely worth a look, given that they offer good support for major requirements in that area in a ready-to-use deployment model.”

Prot-On is a Spanish Company that was founded in 2011 and has created a unique solution that allows users and companies to keep control of their files wherever they are. They can protect and track the use of any copy of their documents and change, whenever they want, who can do what with them. It makes possible to change permissions remotely, even after it has been distributed by Internet. The need to share confidential information with third parties by companies is growing and Prot-On allows them to do so easily, comfortably and affordably.

Following KuppingerCole´s report, José Rocillo Prot-On CEO said, “Prot-On is a new and yet widely unknown player in the market segment for Secure Information Sharing. That might change, given that Prot-On combines ease-of-use, security, and broad platform support with an interesting and affordable licensing model.

“We are delighted to have been recognized as a company for the future by the prestigious European analyst KuppingerCole, at Prot-On we will continue to work in order to guarantee the privacy of confidential documents when shared on the Internet in the easiest and most affordable way.”

KuppingerCole Report, is available from the kuppingercole’s website  http://www.kuppingercole.com

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