Kirintec donates £10000 to important Iraqi archaeological project

Kirintec donates £10000 to important Iraqi archaeological project

Kirintec donates £10000 to important Iraqi archaeological project

“Exerting a positive influence on Iraq’s cultural heritage”, is one of the reasons that Kirintec MD Roy Peers-Smith has chosen to co-finance an archaeological project, in the Ur region of Iraq.

Around 33 million people live in Iraq, but it was also home to some of the earliest fascinating civilisations.
Roughly the same size in area as Sweden, we predict you will be amazed by the extent of artefacts that the inspirational team will continue to unearth in Iraq.

People could be forgiven for thinking all ancient monuments have been lost, but happily most of Iraq’s ancient resources are still to be discovered, as part of this exciting archaeological project.

Thanks to this venture, it will now be a joint voyage of unique discovery, specifically in the Ur region of the Middle East.

Kirintec is proud to link in with project leader Dr Jane Moon O.B.E. her fellow Directors, their team and research professionals based at Manchester University for this enthralling project.

As an international organisation Kirintec specialises in defence and security manufacturing; challenging perceptions and innovating. It therefore seems fitting that through this project deploys pioneering techniques to literally help rediscover treasures.

Dr Moon and her associates will systematically analyse object remains, to provide a greater understanding of Iraq’s ancient cultural past in the Ur region.

Talking about the significance of the donation from Kirintec Dr Moon explains:

“It means a great deal to us. While Kirintec counters security threats, we look after Iraq’s endangered ancient heritage, building local capacity to manage it by working directly in-country.

“The money will be spent on excavating a Babylonian settlement near to Ur, making new finds to be proud of, and passing on our skills to local practitioners.”

Dr Moon’s team is currently based in the UK processing all the data uncovered during their last dig. However they are set to return to Iraq this September, for the much-anticipated opening of the new Basra Museum, where they will be presenting at the conference.

Meanwhile professional archaeologists and specialists – like a conservator and/or an environmentalist, will be employed to help build a picture of the ancient economy. They will join Dr Moon and her team for four months when they begin their next eagerly anticipated archaeological dig in Iraq, from January 2017.

If you would like to read more about the archaeological project in Iraq, we invite you to follow Roy’s latest blog.

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