Kings Security set to revolutionise the retail industry

Kings Security set to revolutionise the retail industry

Kings Security set to revolutionise the retail industry and loss prevention

Kings Security is set to revolutionise the retail industry, as it prepares to unveil the latest edition of its cutting edge loss prevention tool, Kings Intelligence System (KIS) at this year’s Retail Risk (formerly Retail Fraud) conference in London on Thursday 21st April.

The event will see Kings Security CEO Anthony King and members of the KIS development team, led by head of strategic engagement, Rob King, demonstrate KIS’s unique ability to analyse data and map the relationship between incidents to track and profile criminal activity.

This state of the art technology will allow retail businesses to engage and assess their operational management geo-spatially and interactively through the use of real-time security monitoring and data sharing at the click of a button.

Kings Security believes that by providing real time data, KIS will give its users the upper hand against crime.

By allowing clients to access and share open-source information for persons of interest or incidents in their area, businesses will be able to join up the dots and take measures to safeguard its assets, preventing a potential crime before it happens.

Anthony King believes that KIS will help to close the gap being left by decreasing police resources to tackle low level crime, with a shocking 56 percent of customer theft going without consequence.

Anthony commented:

“Our aim is to use KIS to help close the gap between collecting our evidence, be it on CCTV or witness statements and deliver a dossier of information to the police to help them make the arrest and bring the criminal to justice.

“We are going to have to get smarter and learn to help ourselves, sharing data with competitors to help bring results. The Kings Security KIS system will play an instrumental part in developing and leading the way for loss prevention and ensures that the retail industry and beyond all operate in a much more informed and effective way.”

Kings Security will also be further helping bridge the gap with the launch of its new Kings SmartCCTV powered by Morphean, which will offer businesses an IP based security system in the Cloud, allowing for intelligent video analysis of incidents.

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