Kings Security becomes first professional security firm to use Facewatch

Kings Security first professional security firm to use Facewatch

Kings Security first professional security firm to use Facewatch to report crime remotely for 3rd party clients

Kings Security has teamed up with incident reporting software, Facewatch, to relieve pressure on police resources for tackling low level crime, by becoming the first professional security firm to use the tool to report incidents remotely.

By integrating Facewatch into the services which they already provide to third party clients, Kings Security is able to report a crime at the click of a button, submitting video evidence of an incident, complete with a witness statement from the acting security officer, online, removing the need for police call outs.

With police budget cuts dictating a shift in priorities, Kings Security believes that this new partnership will allow them to alleviate the pressure on local police forces, while greatly reducing the time between reporting an incident and submitting a meaningful body of evidence to help drive convictions.

Commenting on the benefits of Kings using Facewatch, Detective Chief Inspector Mick Neville of the Metropolitan Police said:

“The more CCTV images of suspects committing crime my unit receives, the more offenders my Super Recogniser Unit can identify – making London and businesses safer. I am therefore very pleased that Kings Security are the first monitoring station to work with Facewatch to increase the supply footage to the Metropolitan Police.”

Kings Security’s Head of Strategic Engagement, Rob King said:

“Kings Security is leading the way with 3rd party crime reporting on behalf of clients from their CCTV monitoring intelligence hub.

“By teaming up with Facewatch, we not only save our clients resources, by preventing staff from being taken away from their customer service point to report a crime or download CCTV, but greatly reduce the amount of time required by police to report a crime.

“We are currently piloting the scheme with both the Metropolitan and West Midland Police forces and initial results are very encouraging.

“This is part of a wider project to integrate the Kings Intelligence System [KIS] into Facewatch, which will enable Kings to proactively protect our client’s staff and assets by ensuring crimes are reported and effectively investigated.”

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