King Communications & Security support Mental Health Environments

King Communications & Security support Mental Health Environments

King Communications & Security support Mental Health Environments

Following #WorldMentalHealthDay, King Communications & Security have released a case study on recent projects with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde to provide an integrated Nurse Call and Staff Safety system to Leverndale Hospital Mental Health Facility.

The company spoke to NHS staff members following completion of the project to hear about how the new technology had transformed day to day environments for patients and staff members combined.

Matthew Clark, – NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde said:

“We know that there’s a reliable system throughout the whole hospital and if an incident does happen in any particular area, other areas are alerted right away and can respond quickly to the incident.”

About the Project

The £10.7 million development at Leverndale Hospital campus has seen the construction of a new mother and baby ward with two new 24 bedded mental health wards, further modernising the provision of inpatient psychiatric care at the facility. The new mother and baby site is a six bedded unit which provides treatment for new mothers suffering from severe mental illness following the birth of their baby.

It has now replaced services that were provided at the Victorian building on the Southern General campus. The development’s modern design approach seeks to reduce stigma whilst providing environmental areas featuring external gardens and green space.

King Communications & Security Ltd utilised existing network infrastructures on the project to simplify and streamline the hospital’s technology as well as providing additional Door Entry and Disabled Toilet Alarm solutions. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde wanted to develop an advanced security system at Leverndale Hospital that would improve cross-site accessibility and provide a safer working environment for staff members.

Offering a greater degree of reassurance for employees working late hours was of primary importance to the project, whilst devices were to remain discreet for the comfort of patients within the mental health facility.

Staff members can now quickly respond to patient needs, request assistance from colleagues to help a patient, when required, or ‘alert’ for urgent support in an emergency.

Martyn King, Director, King Communications & Security:

“We’re really pleased to see that the project is being used as a case study for staff safety systems in mental health environments within the NHS. We are proud of the team for over-coming the challenges of working within live ward environments and are delighted to see the positive impact the new system is creating across the site.”

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