The KeyPac Solo – Compact and flexible access control

The KeyPAC Solo is a low cost door access control solution from the internationally recognised company, PAC. This easy to install system is the ideal choice for small businesses looking for an affordable single door access system.

The reader comes in three variants, standard, universal and vandal resistant.  The reader has a “door open” alarm and a “request to exit” function.  The Solo allows for up to 2,000 users and has a 200mm (7.87 inches) reading range. This allows for the reader to be bi-directional, meaning it can detect ID credentials either side of the reader, perfect for a single door office access point. However, this function is not available on the vandal resistant reader due to the vandal resistant casing reducing the range of the signal.

All versions are suitable for internal and exterior use so you do not have to worry about making sure the reader is sheltered from the elements.  Both standard and universal models are designed to fit a standard MK back box, as well as several European variants. The reader is roughly the size of a light switch and its compact, low profile appearance means that it will not be an eyesore when placed on to the wall. The Keypac SOLO vandal resistant versions require a vandal screwdriver and a Yankee 8 bit screw for installation, and the stainless steel case is designed for environments where tampering is a probability.

PAC SOLOThe reader contains visual and audio feedback, a green or red light to show the user the status of the card.  If the door is left or forced open the audible sounder will alert user within earshot.

To program the reader, the correct cards must be presented which eliminates the use of keypads or interfacing with a computer.  All the cards needed for operation are provided by us, such as keyPAC Tokens and keyPAC ISO proximity cards.

The Keypac SOLO can be used as a secure switch, allowing equipment and systems, such as alarms, to be turned on or off.

In short, this standalone system is a prime choice for users that need a single door security system at a competitive price, or have not considered access control due to cost or suitability.  As a combined reader/controller it is ideal for the job.

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