KBC Networks announces new Chief Commercial Officer

KBC Networks announces new Chief Commercial Officer

KBC Networks announces new Chief Commercial Officer

KBC Networks Ltd. manufacturer of transmission equipment for commercial and industrial networks including CCTV, security, banking, and systems control, announced the appointment of Luis Angulo to the position of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Luis will be responsible for facilitating company growth as well as the company's sales and marketing strategy.

John Crockett, CEO KBC Networks, commented,

"Luis’ ability to lead teams during times of fast-moving technological advances along with his in-depth market knowledge and the wealth of personal relationships he enjoys through his vast network of industry leaders, make him a great fit for KBC. I know he will maintain and improve upon KBC’s rigorous standards, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.”

Luis has an extensive background that spans more than 20 years within the security industry. His previous role was at Schneider Electric as VP of Sales for Latin America for where he served on the senior leadership board. Prior to that, he held several other positions in marketing and technical fields for other organizations including Philips N.V

“I am delighted to join KBC,” he remarked, “While providing world-class customer service and experience, we aim to expand on vertical markets with innovative and cost-effective offerings.”

Luis is originally from Brazil and lived in the US for more than 25 years. He and his family recently moved to Malaga, Spain where he is now based.

KBC Networks designs and manufactures a broad range of IP, wireless, 3G/4G LTE, fibre optic, and multimedia transmission products that are engineered for the security, cellular wireless, financial services, intelligent transportation systems, industrial control and telecommunications markets.

KBC has offices in the UK, USA and Asia, and supports a global partner network of representatives, dealers, integrators and distributors.

No matter how good your endpoint technology is, the way you get your signals from A to B will ultimately decide whether your system works the way you need it to.

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