KBC and SA Consulting AB Announce New Partnership

kbc and sa

kbc and saLondon, UK 12th May 2014 – KBC Networks, manufacturer of industrial transmission equipment for CCTV, security and industrial control systems, and Sweden-based security solutions provider, SA Consulting AB, have announced a comprehensive, new partnership. In addition to supplying KBC’s IP, wireless, fibre and HD video ranges, SA Consulting AB will provide sales, design and technical support to customers within the Nordic countries.

Managing Director, SA Consulting AB, Tomas Styrbjörn commented, “We are really looking forward to working with KBC. When customers come to us, they expect to be provided with robust and secure solutions that have considered each media and transmission type; that give them opportunities for developing and expanding their networks, and that allow them to make the most out of the infrastructure available. KBC’s current product set and its product road map will offer them just that. Our partnership allows us to work more closely with KBC and pass the benefits of doing so on to our customers.”

KBC Networks, Commercial Director, Sarah Moss added, “We’re delighted with the new partnership. Our customers need to know that as well as support from us, they have access to in-region support from a team that has technical expertise, extensive market knowledge, and a collaborative relationship with us. That’s why I believe it’s important that our two companies work together.”

KBC and SA Consulting AB are already working on a number of secure, WAN-based systems and wireless projects together.

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