KBC adds new Ethernet switch to its IP transmission range

KBC's WESII and ESUL8 Ethernet switch
KBC's WESII and ESUL8 Ethernet switch

KBC's WESII and ESUL8 Ethernet switch

New Ethernet switch & WESII provide up to 100Mbps wireless link

KBC Networks, manufacturer of industrial transmission equipment for analogue, IP and high definition transmission systems has released its latest addition to the KBC IP transmission range. The new unit is an un-managed Ethernet switch that can be combined with its WESII wireless Ethernet units, to allow up to seven cameras to be sent securely over a single wireless link.

The new ESUL8 switches feature eight RJ45 10/100 copper ports which are automatically configured, have broad dual-redundant power inputs, and are designed for low power consumption. The units have an operating temperature range of -40 to +74°C and IP40 protection class casings, making them ideal for outdoor and industrial applications.

The capacity for the seven camera system is made possible by KBC’s 802.11n compliant WESII units which, through MIMO technology, provide a throughput of up to 100Mbps. WPA2 encryption secures the data over the link, and prevents unauthorised access to the system. This straightforward wireless system is ideal for sites where it’s not possible or practical to install cable in locations such as town and city centres, university campuses, historical sites, industrial and commercial facilities, residential apartments, government and military sites, borders and perimeters, and transportation hubs and corridors.

About KBC Networks
KBC Networks designs and manufactures a broad range of fibre optic, wireless, digital video broadcast and network transmission products, delivering superior performance and quality to IP, analogue and high definition video systems across the globe. KBC’s products are designed and built for the unconditioned environments of commercial and industrial applications including CCTV; access control and security systems; building management; supervisory control & data acquisition; industrial control & networking; information technology; intelligent transport systems; broadcast and telecommunications systems.

KBC has offices in the UK, USA and Asia, and supports a global network of representatives, dealers, integrators and distributors.


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