Jacksons launches PAS:68 Timber & Steel Combination HVM Fence

Jacksons Fencing launched its novel high performance PAS 68 crash fence with the outward appearance of a traditional timber post and rail fencing system at the recent Counter Terror Expo 2015.

Linebacker PNR features the PAS 68 (Jacksons Linebacker has passed the PAS 68 rating of PAS 68:2010V/7500(N3)/80/90:7.3/21.4) certified and Secured by Design preferred Linebacker crash fence system, concealed within a traditional timber post and rail fence design.  Linebacker PNR is shallow mounted and only requires a 500 mm foundation. The result is hostile vehicle mitigation barrier capable of arresting a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 50mph (80km /h) and equally capable of blending into its surrounding environment.

The proven Linebacker cable crash fence is accommodated within treated timber rails (treated to use Class 3) which are fixed onto timber posts, treated to use Class 4 (allowing for direct contact with the ground or freshwater).

Linebacker PNR is ideally suited to sites which require both PAS 68 certified perimeter protection performance and a visually attractive fence that does not draw attention to the high security nature of the site.

Commenting on the development, Jacksons CEO Peter Jackson said: “this product combines Jacksons’ significant heritage and reputation in the timber sector where our unique Jakcure pressurised timber treatment system with its 25-year guarantee against rot and wood boring insects leads the market – with the company’s credibility as a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of a broad range of tested, certified, approved and preferred steel physical security and access control solutions. We anticipate that Linebacker PNR’s appeal as a robust and ultra secure barrier disguised within a post and rail configuration will prove popular with high security sites looking to achieve robust perimeter protection without sacrificing aesthetics.”

For more information on Linebacker PNR, contact Cris Francis, Senior Sales Consultant on 01233 750 393 or visit www.jacksons-security.co.uk.

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