Jabbakams CCTV system protects one of the UKs largest marinas



New UK technology start-up company Jabbakam has saved one of the largest marinas in the UK over £25,000 in surveillance and monitoring costs by replacing traditional CCTV with a social media friendly surveillance system. Jabbakam makes security camera networks as easy-to-use as Facebook by removing the complicated knowledge and technology barriers that have traditionally stopped ordinary people setting up their own security systems. Jabbakam has simplified the installation and management of security camera networks making them easier to use at a fraction of the price of conventional CCTV.

As boating increases in popularity so does boat theft and every year thousands of pounds of unclaimed boat property is recovered by police. Last year, 53 outboard motors were stolen in Essex worth a total of £166,000. Thieves are targeting larger outboards from 40hp upwards and costing from £8,000 to £15,000. These are being removed from boats left on moorings as well as boats stored ashore.

Essex has a huge number of coastal and inland boating sites and Bradwell Marina is one of the largest. It is situated on the Blackwater Estuary at Bradwell-On-Sea and is home to over 350 yachts and motor cruisers. With millions of pounds worth of boats on the marina property, Bradwell Marina needed a secure, reliable, and durable video surveillance solution for crime prevention.

Arthur Thurtle, who has been the private owner of Bradwell Marina for the past 17 years, said: “One of the main requirements for the surveillance cameras was that they should provide absolutely clear images, both at night and during the day. Another prerequisite was that berth holders should have the ability to see and manage footage from anywhere in the world”.

With these demanding requirements concerning image quality and access defined, a comparison of analog and digital cameras proved that a digital surveillance camera system using the highest quality Cisco Switch Gear and Y Cam Bullet cameras was a logical choice.

In addition to image clarity and real time monitoring, other factors that encouraged the deployment included easy installation and cost. Jabbakam recommended that each pontoon was given a separate link to the ADSL line and a wireless access point. Lampposts were fabricated and located halfway down each pontoon with a camera facing in each direction. The pontoons main wireless access points were connected by a fibre optic cable back to the ADSL line via two main control boxes, allowing up to 100 people to gain wireless access simultaneously.

“Installation was easy, it took two days to fit 11 cameras to the lampposts and a day to set up Jabbakam, but now we have a wireless network it’s easy to add more cameras. The cheapest quote we received for a similar system to cover the whole marina using traditional CCTV was £42,000 and the most expensive was double that. With everything included, Jabbakam cost £15,000,” said Arthur.

Berth holders are now able to open their own Jabbakam accounts and request to join the Bradwell Network where they will be given free access to the two cameras on their pontoon and when they log in they will be able to see footage from wherever they are in the world and receive alerts of any vandalism or criminal behavior via SMS and e-mail or on the move via their iPhone or smartphone.

Arthur concluded, “Jabbakam has revolutionised the way we use CCTV at the marina. It not only gives us 24-hour security, but also allows our berth holders to log in and check on their boats. Records of any incidents can be located quickly and easily on the web application, giving us instant access to material that we can save, print or send to the police for instance. The system responds perfectly to our needs and the needs of our berth holders”.

To view how Jabbakam has secured boats at Bradwell Marina, hear from the marina owner and listen to boat owners below.


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