ISCON Imaging introduces fully automated whole-body imaging solution

ISCON Imaging Inc., a manufacturer of patented infrared (IR) imaging screening systems, has unveiled its SecureScan™ Body Imager, a new whole-body imaging solution for front-line asset and employee protection.
SecureScan is a whole-body screening solution that allows users to view objects, such as weapons or goods, hidden under clothing. Items that are plastic, metal, powder, wood, ceramic, liquid or encapsulated are quickly identified with SecureScan, allowing operators to take a proactive approach to safety and loss prevention.

The solution displays a high-resolution image from an advanced IR camera on an intuitive touchscreen interface, which controls all system administration and management. SecureScan records images securely, adding time and date stamps for use in future investigations. By leveraging ISCON Imaging’s patented thermo-conductive IR technology, it eliminates privacy and health concerns and radiation, and simplifies the user and operator experience with easy-to-read electronic indicators.
The small footprint design of SecureScan allows users to deploy it in a variety of environments while reducing operating costs. It provides an alternative to “pat down” searches and speeds up the scanning process, ensuring scans are completed in seconds, rather than minutes. Rapid identification is critical in the retail distribution and supply chain markets in which hundreds of employees can enter and exit a facility on a daily basis.

“It is our business to understand the security challenges of the retail industry,” said Kathleen Tighe, Director of Sales and Marketing, ISCON Imaging. “Our solutions are designed to ensure that employees and inventory are well-protected, without disrupting operations. The new, comprehensive SecureScan whole-body image screening technology delivers a high level of protection while guaranteeing ease of use and cost efficiency.”
At the upcoming RILA Retail Supply Chain Conference, being held Feb. 23-25 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, Fla., ISCON Imaging will demonstrate the benefits and capabilities of the SecureScan solution at booth #315. To schedule a demonstration or appointment, contact ISCON at


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