Is antivirus software necessary for mobile banking with your smartphone?

IT-security-passwordOver the past decade or so, the way in which personal banking works has changed immeasurably. No longer do we have to brave the massive queues at our local branch or wait for several minutes before speaking to someone over the phone from customer services, as we’re now able to bank online if we’re pressed for time or just want a little more convenience.

Online banking has become more popular than ever, but like many other things done online, there are numerous security risks involved which could prove catastrophic if they do become apparent. The growth of online banking has spread from ordinary desktop and laptop PCs to tablets and even smartphones, where many customers in a hurry will want to access their accounts.

Convenience at a price?

Many people who have considered online banking as a viable option to manage their money may have cause for concern if using their smartphone. They might fear having their precious data and money stolen by cybercriminals or, should their phone get lost or fall into the wrong hands, have their account accessed by someone who has malicious intentions. If so, what can be done about it?

To try and combat this potential threat, you might wonder what’s needed. The first thing to do is listen to Mobile security tips offered by security experts – this will give you an idea of how to use mobile banking apps safely without fear of having your account or your device compromised in any way. Next, you should try and work out what you want to use your banking app for.

Protected round the clock

Arguably the biggest thing you should do as far as your safety when banking with your phone is concerned is to install an antivirus app. As you can never be entirely sure that you’re free from the threat of having your important data or even your money stolen, such an app can give you peace of mind by offering protection every hour of every day.

With an antivirus app or program, you can perform scans whenever you feel the need to, while they’ll be running all the time, constantly checking for viruses or other forms of malware that are about to infect your device. At the same time, an antivirus app can see whether a banking app is safe to use – if it gives it the green light, it should be fine; if not, then give it a swerve.

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