Ipsotek’s video analytics technology integrates with TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Gaming Floor Live



Ipsotek Ltd and TCSJOHNHUXLEYare pleased to announce a strategic product alliance that enables TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Gaming Floor Live table performance system to utilise Ipsotek’s Intelligent Video Analytics technology to capture information at gaming tables.

Video Analytics is a cutting edge technology and Ipsotek are the industry front runner, having won several awards for their technology and working on major projects with various governments, airports, entertainment venues and highway agencies.

The Ipsotek technology allows Gaming Floor Live to collect activity and event information from gaming tables either using table mounted cameras or the casino’s existing CCTV system. The information is then turned into data that can be used to trigger performance-related alarms as well as being stored in a central database, where it is used to analyze occupancy rates, turnover, player behavior and staff productivity. Gaming Floor Live feeds information directly back to floor staff allowing casinos to make real time decisions on game speed, game pricing, tables occupancy and hence improve productivity and the casino average win percentage.

Simon Witty, TCSJOHNHUXLEY Group Product Development Director commented “Gaming Floor live is a game optimization and floor management system which initially focused on Roulette games. The integration with Ipsotek’s Video Analytics technology now enables Gaming Floor Live to be applied to all other casino games offering a floor wide game optimization solution.”

Andrew Eggington, Ipsotek Finance Director commented “Ipsotek’s Video Analytics capability provides a completely new approach to improving gaming performance, predicting dealer behavior and connecting this and other information to associated video. The integration with TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s Gaming Floor Live platform ensures this new technology is readily available to the worldwide Casino market.”

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