PAC iPAC – Door Access Controller System


Advanced access control – door controller unit

The iPAC is designed around the practical needs of installers and end users alike. This all-in-one access controller and proximity reader can be installed and programmed as a standalone system, but has the advantage of being fully scalable to a larger network solution. With this product, 100 operators will be able to manage the access rights of 1100 key holders over 8 time profiles. To help facilitate administration an event log can be easily downloaded which will display 10,000 records. The built-in LCD provides clear and crisp colour images, while the menus have intuitive symbols allow for easy navigation.  This combined with the easy to operate jog wheel and buttons mean that any user can quickly set up the system configuration, add new key holders, configure time profiles and access rights, delete keys, view the event log, and acknowledge alarms without having to connect a PC.

Its built-in and user friendly web browser interface allows for remote administration and a much simpler, streamlined approach to access management. However, this is not a requirement. The iPAC can be programmed without connecting to a PC using its intuitive interface and built-in enrolment reader.  As the software is embedded inside the control unit, there is no need for software installation. For more information about this product visit our website here: iPAC

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