IP video solution from IndigoVision installed at Wendy’s

Wendy'sThe global fast-food chain Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers has deployed IndigoVision’s IP video security solution throughout its New Zealand outlets. The solution will help implement human resources policies, carry out staff training and dramatically increase security investigation efficiency.

The biggest challenge faced by Wendy’s was human resources and investigations teams gaining access to live and recorded footage. With the existing security system, remote access was impossible over the network meaning individuals traveled to distant locations and often found the recorded video unusable.

Due to the existing security equipment being a mixture of DVRs and mostly low-cost analogue cameras, the decision was made to upgrade all of the recording equipment to Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and to replace the majority of cameras with IP cameras. As some locations had installed higher quality analogue cameras, these were to be converted via IP encoders minimising overall project cost.

The challenge was finding an IP system that would not only give remarkable live and recorded video quality, but could also be easily accessed from a number of remote locations. It was required that the new IP system also offered a hybrid solution of IP encoders and IP cameras, available in a wide range of form factors and resolutions.

After a careful selection process, the IndigoVision video security solution was chosen for a number of reasons. IndigoVision’s unique Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) and dual processor hardware design meant remote access to live and recorded video was made easy. IndigoVision’s world-class video compression technology, in both IndigoVision IP cameras and encoders, delivered exceptional live and recorded video quality over low bandwidth. Control Center, IndigoVision’s video management software client, reduced investigation time even further through its advanced recorded video search and bookmark technology.

“We were impressed by just how easy it was to get access to remote video and how good the video quality was.” said Roy Batt, Facilities Manager at Wendy’s. “By being able to quickly search recorded video, in multiple remote locations, and easily tagging incidents through Control Center’s bookmark feature we have dramatically reduced investigation time. Previously we would have to visit each of the locations and often the recorded video was poor. Now we can see video from anywhere and the quality is stunning.”

Batt added: “Not only is video being used by the security and investigations team, the system is being used by the Human Resources department to help identify opportunities to train staff.

“The IndigoVision solution has helped reduce investigation time, staff feel safer and happier as the solution is helping them with further skills development.”


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