IP security system for major shopping center in Kazakhstan

Through local partners Varius Technologies and GSI, Bosch Security Systems has delivered a comprehensive and integrated security solution for the Dostyk Plaza shopping mall in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city and major commercial and cultural center. With a total area of 125.000 square meters, Dostyk plaza is a very significant new development with a striking architecture in one of the most prestigious areas of Almaty.
Being designed as a shopping and entertainment center, Dostyk Plaza includes retail shops, restaurants, a movie theatre and also a trade center and a parking garage for 1.300 cars. All of these areas are secured by two networked modular fire panels 5000 series from Bosch with more than 3.000 fire detectors. The modular design of these fire panels guarantees optimal coverage of all areas today while offering the flexibility to scale and adapt to changing requirements in the future.
In case of an alarm, targeted information and evacuation instructions can be distributed through the digital Public Address and Voice Evacuation system PRAESIDEO. This system with more than 1.000 loudspeakers in 40 zones offers superior intelligibility and is also used for playing background music and for making announcements. Both the fire alarm systems and PRAESIDEO are connected via the IP protocol to the Bosch Building Integration System (BIS) which acts as a central integration and management platform. BIS provides central control and monitoring of all subsystems and enables very efficient operations of the entire installation.
The management system also includes an interactive graphical map of the facility, allowing the operator to precisely locate the source of any alarm and quickly respond accordingly. All events and operator actions are logged, enabling the center management to analyze the quality of the operator’s work.

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