IP Networking

Comprehensive and up to date self paced online training course with interactive audiovisual content including animations and simulations. Pre test, Post-test and Certification program.

Level: Basic to Intermediate Level
For Whom: Everyone in the Security Industry including Dealers, Installers, System Integrators, Distributors, Manufacturers, and End Users. Suitable for Technical and Non-Technical people.

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PRICE: $195

For a single user license for 30 days.

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Here is what you will learn.

  • You will be introduced to various digital concepts like reading and writing of binary numbers, analog to digital conversion and the bandwidth definition and comparison.
  • You will learn about digital networks; terminologies used, types, topologies, protocols including TCP/IP addressing, port forwarding and network architecture.
  • You will understand the various components used in a network like hubs, switches, gateways and routers.
  • You will learn about the programming of devices, different types of cables used, commands and tools used in troubleshooting


Testing Program

The Online Training Course has the following testing modules.

  • Pre-Test: 10 questions
  • Post-Test: 25 random questions from a question databank

A certificate of completion will be issued to students who get more than 65% in the Post-test. This certificate is recognized by the following associations
Course Approved by

ASIS: Recertification
BISCI: Event ID OV‐STAM‐NJ‐0512‐6, CEC: 6

NBFAA : CEU Number: SM-0009, CEU Credits: 0.6
ALOA: PRP Recertification – 1.5 points
NSCA: 7.5 Learning Units
New Jersey State CEU: 7 hours TECES-13(65)C002
Approved by Texas Department of Public Safety – Y00182
Approved by Tennessee Alarm Systems Contractor Board


Course Outline

  • Introduction
  • Different Network standards

Digital Concepts

  • Analog vs. Digital Signal
  • Reading and writing of binary numbers
  • Analog to Digital conversion process
  • Bandwidth comparison and its calculations
  • Digital Resolution


  • Types of Networks LAN, WAN
  • Different Protocols IP, UDP, ATM etc.
  • Ethernet and its functioning
  • Internetwork Intranet, VPN, Internet
  • Different Topology Star, Bus, Mesh etc.
  • Network Architecture
  • Transmission methods Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast

Basics of Network

  • Reference Models OSI and TCP/IP
  • IP Addressing Subnet, Version 4 and 6
  • Private vs. Public Network
  • Devices like DNS, NAT, DHCP etc
  • Ports & Sockets
  • Port Forwarding – A Simulation
  • DSL


  • Software
  • NIC and MAC addresses
  • Servers
  • Hub
  • Switch
  • Bridge
  • Routers and its operation
  • Gateway
  • Repeaters


  • Interconnection of Devices
  • Programming of different devices
  • Different Cabling and their comparison
  • Commands –Ipconfig, Ping, ARP etc.
  • Troubleshooting
  • Service Tools
Q. Does one have to complete the Online Training course in one sitting?
A: No. The total work you need to put in is 4 hours and this can be completed in 30 days in batches that suit your needs. You get a license for 30 days.

Q. Do I have unlimited access to the Online Training course for the duration of the license period?
A: Yes. During this time you can log in and log out as many times you wish.

Q. Can I buy one license and share it with my colleagues?
A: No, sharing of the user license with anyone else is prohibited. Each user must have a separate license.

Q. Do I need to buy software to run your online training course in my computer?
A: No, you just need to have a minimum speed of 56 Kbps Internet connection

Q. What are the system requirements to run your course?
A: Minimum screen resolution 1024 ,PC with speakers or headphone and minimum 56 Kbps Internet connection

Q. Can I do the course from my office and home computer?
A: Yes, in fact you can use it from any computer; just use your ID + Password to log in.

Q. Do I get a certificate?
A: Yes, you get the certificate of completion if you meet the requirements mentioned in this page.

Q. Does this course come with course notes?
A: Yes. After you complete the purchase, you will be provided with a link to download the course notes that you can keep as reference.

Ian Randy from Videcon
The course is very good and easy to navigate. It’s nice to be able to take courses on the internet. I run an Networking company and my time is limited.

Gkhela from Panasonic
The learning program was very easy to use and understand and would be very easy for someone who knows nothing about networking to follow. I was very pleased with the user interface.

David Perry from IW Net
Good general theory of IP networks. The on-line course should tell you the hours and days you have left to complete the course

Fred from Safetech
I thoroughly enjoyed this review of the IP networking. It was a good challenge and offered a lot of good informational topics. I would highly recommend this training course to anyone interested in learning about this subject

David Broyles from Navy.Mil
The information presented was exactly what was needed, and was presented in a logical and progressive manner. The only problem I found was the navigation tool instructions are buried under an obscure “read me” button

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