IoT networks gather momentum helping OneM2M


OneM2M, a standards initiative which provides guidelines for Machine to Machine (M2M) and the Internet of Things (IoT), has gained new members as it begins to expand across a range of sectors. Certain cybersecurity specialists, research institutes, and Ireland’s official standards body are among recent companies to opt for OneM2M’s solutions.

The IoT is estimated to reach around 30 billion devices by 2020 worth in the region of US $7 trillion. With the recent rise in the capacity of IoT and increasing investment, it would appear obvious that OneM2M has capitalised, receiving clientele from areas ranging from Canada, America, Europe and Asia.

The National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) opted to join OneM2M as part of the Irish Government’s strategy to prepare networks for the digitalisation of key processes, including the future industrial revolution trend – Industry 4.0.

Geraldine Larkin, Chief executive of the NSAI has said that joining with OneM2M has given them the opportunity to collaborate with industry and research institutes from various backgrounds “. The areas of industry already covered by OneM2M include eHealth, Telemedicine, industrial and home automation.

OneM2M’s common service layer can be embedded within hardware and software to create a common dialect between IoT devices, enabling vertical interoperability, security and interworking with IoT standards

Friedhelm Rodermund as the Founder and Director at IOTECC, a company to join oneM2M recently commented that: “As a company which focuses on IoT standards consulting, IOTECC joined oneM2M to understand how it is evolving further to cover the needs of more and more verticals, and how it enables interworking between oneM2M and a growing number of IoT technologies and standards.

“This year has seen a great increase in membership which highlights that as momentum behind the global roll-out of the IoT gains pace, so too does the industry’s standardisation efforts,” said Fran O’ Brien, oneM2M’s Steering Committee Chairman.

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