Invictus installed for London borough

360 vision technology

DSSL Group has installed an Invictus PTZ camera system from 360 Vision Technology to cover a major public event in a north London borough. The proof of concept project was completed in record time as part of an upgrade to the borough’s public safety camera system.


“From the initial decision to specify Invictus cameras for the borough’s high street and surrounding areas, all 22 Invictus units in the first phase were delivered, installed and commissioned within four weeks,” said Aaron Stephens, Director at DSSL Group. “We like the authoritative appearance of the new Invictus camera, similar in style to 360 Vision’s Predator camera, but unlike imported speed domes that look less public safety and more commercial, Invictus looks very much the part in the town centre streets. Versus the use of domes on swan necks that inherently introduce a visual blind spot, Invictus uses an upright mount to provide unhindered 360° coverage. In addition, and again unlike a dome camera, Invictus can look both up and down.


“As highlighted in the proof of concept trial, the camera’s excellent depth of autofocus is quite superb, with crystal clear focus across the entire image frame,” he continued. “This performance attribute is great for post event retrieval of recorded footage, where it will be used to assist the local authority in maximising their incident analysis and prosecutional evidence. It was also great to work with a respected UK manufacturer who provided on-the-ground technical support to help ensure the smooth delivery of this local authority project. From the superb operational results, we’d recommend Invictus to any other local authorities looking to upgrade their Invictus systems to the latest HD camera technology.”


The cameras have been integrated into the system’s new Genetec Video management software platform. “Adding the Invictus cameras as an ONVIF 2.4 Profile S compliant device to the Genetec Security Control Centre was extremely simple,” explained DSSL Group’s Commissioning Engineer, Jordon Stephens. “In my experience, this process isn’t always straightforward, so the Invictus gets 10 out of 10 for easy ONVIF setup. The camera’s pre-set factory default night-time settings are ideal for effective colour video at night. Invictus copes incredibly well with the town centre’s mix of lighting conditions and shadow areas, providing excellent ‘colour at night’ imaging – whereas in the same locations, other existing HD cameras on the system had switched to monochrome.”


“We are proud that the new Invictus ruggedised PTZ camera was selected for such an important town centre project and especially as the cameras were commissioned in time to provide security and safety surveillance coverage for the major public event,” said Adrian Kirk, Director at 360 Vision Technology. “This installation marks the introduction of 360 Vision’s next generation ultra-low light imaging technology – featuring incredibly detailed night-time HD quality colour images. We couldn’t have asked for a better installation to showcase Invictus. DSSL Group’s attention to detail is phenomenal; they clearly take great pride in their workmanship. From the way they have contained the cable, through to the layout, neatness and set-up of system equipment, including the column equipment cabinets, the engineering team at DSSL Group really deserve great credit for their professionalism.”

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