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Central London and Hertfordshire-based security installer, Antron Security, have introduced a new innovative solution that will increase the peace of mind to organisations and business managers around London.

A representative from Antron Security explained: “We recently had a client that was frustrated in not knowing if the correct security checks were being met when their manned security team were doing their patrols around the building. At night were they doing their job in protecting the building and ensuring all levels/rooms were being checked, or were they possibly not completing their routes? Was this not providing the building complete security? Was this in fact making the property at risk? Antron Security created a solution that would fix this issue and potentially could stop potential risks and intrusions.”

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Their recent creation is their IP Software Guard Tour Solution. After the recent rise of IP in the security industry, Antron Security wanted to base their guard tour solution towards a fully automated live system that allows them to view their patrols live as they happen. Antron Security have designed and created an App that can be used with multiple Apple remote based products including the itouch, iphone and ipad. The app allows the client to locate their exact location when patrolling the building.

Using the Apple based products allows the user to access a multiple range of features. Accessing the CCTV remotely is a key importance for a number of clients, allowing you to ‘log in’ by your remote device to view live CCTV images. This is dependable on the current CCTV and recording software installed in the building; however Antron Security can provide a variety of services, including their CMS Professional Remote Viewing Software. Via a downloadable “app”, it is now possible to view up to 16 IP cameras at once using Apple/Android/Blackberry or Windows devices. Users can also take snapshots from the cameras which can be emailed or SMS messaged to contacts for quick and easy communication with colleagues or clients. Simple to use, it’s ideal for those who have a number of sites to manage or who want to keep up to date with events from even the remotest of locations.

This is a completely new method, unlike anything on the market. Antron Security recognised that the aesthetics and architecture can be significant to the perception of the building as a whole, unlike the unsightly magnet method of guard tour systems, Antron wanted to create a design that was aesthetically appealing to the eye, blending in with the theme and decor of each individual building.

With the in-house based design team within Antron, a QR code method was implemented into the design of the location scanning points, allowing individual QR codes to be generated with each individual location in mind. Customisation of the scanning points can be altered including company or building branding logos to be incorporated on the design. The method is simple, efficient and effective, all the patrol officer needs to do is simply enter the app and hover the remote device over the QR code, this will then instantly track the time and location of the officer at that point of their route, uploading instantly to the system allowing senior management to access the movement of their security officers.

The solution was designed with the user in mind; Antron Security understood that potentially some locations or levels of a building might not be able to access Wi-Fi, however the app allows you to continue your patrols with ease, enabling you to continue scanning without Wi-Fi access. As soon as Wi-Fi access is available, the app simply uploads the locations previously scanned to the cloud system.

The solution is completely IP based and is a revelation to this market. Compared to the magnet method, only allowing the user to download the route to a computer after the route is completed, the IP method enables the senior management or security team to view the nearest patrol officer to that location if there is a potential security breach or incident.

The magnet system also does not clearly state the location point that has been scanned; instead a serial number appears, prolonging the process of the senior management having to identify the specific location of the serial number. The Antron System can be custom designed to all locations, and clearly states firsthand the location of that point. For example if the patrol officer was to scan a QR code based in the lobby of a building, it would automatically register and display clearly as ‘Lobby’. This reduces the time of locating the specific officer, allowing them security office to also be contacted directly by using the apple device.

Whilst other organisations are tracking their patrol officers by regular phone calls every hour, on the hour, to premium rate numbers, this solution has ultimately provided a low-cost alternative.

Antron Security work closely with their clients, providing them with meticulous consultation on the best security solution based on their requirements. With the security installer being in the industry for over 23 years, the qualified and experienced team have devised, created and implemented an effective solution that will ensure the peace of mind to many organisations and businesses.

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