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Klaus Gesmann

Mobotix have shared the following interview with Chief Executive Officer Klaus Gesmann with

Mr. Gesmann, you used Light+Building to showcase a broad range of products that have developed beyond the video security market and into the field of access control. Where have you pinned your hopes? Which products are the stars of tomorrow in each of these two areas?
We are constantly working on future-oriented concepts that focus on a range of solutions rather than individual products. Our portfolio of products offers current and future users smart, powerful platforms from a single source in the areas of IP video technology and access control. Interchangeable sensor modules and cameras that can be upgraded with a “single mouse click,” such as our M15 or S15 platform, which is extremely flexible in terms of installation, ensure that users always have a video system configured to their individual requirements. We are increasingly focusing on further developing infrared technology. However, intuitive video management software and camera-integrated “intelligence” will continue to play an important role. Here, analysis and evaluation functions are just as much in demand as an exposure optimization function. In the access control segment, we are looking at modular systems for building technology and accessories with attractive designs that feature intuitive operation, such as our MxDisplay video remote station.

What industries are currently interested in your video security solutions? Which ones are likely to become interested in the future?
Some features of security systems are required universally, such as high image quality, low power consumption, low maintenance costs and efficient network load. Video technology requirements vary greatly depending on application and they are not set in stone. Demand is high for flexible, compatible systems that can be expanded and customized and grow with the changing requirements of a video security solution. This applies to applications in the end consumer and corporate sector, whether on the hardware or software side.

Our video security solutions are suitable for use in many different sectors thanks to their flexible product characteristics. Certain industries have a greater need for video security solutions due to their nature. The traditional retail sector is one example. In Germany, for example, losses due to theft, crime and inventory differences amount to an enormous €3.9 billion every year. We have also seen an increase in the areas of transport and logistics as well as the hotel and education sectors. Other core industries include those that deal in particularly with sensitive data and goods such as military and governmental institutions as well as the banking, financial and healthcare sectors.

What are the advantages of these products and concepts for customers and end users?
The best way to see the advantages of our portfolio of solutions is to look at the infrared technology example. Demand for reliable perimeter surveillance under all lighting conditions is equally high among companies and end users. Thermal image sensors record the thermal energy that an object radiates and visually depict it. Unlike the human eye, they can detect the thermal radiation of objects at temperatures between -40°C and +550°C (-40°F to +1022°F). It is possible to visualize objects at night and in fog or smoke. The option to combine thermal and optical sensor modules in one camera remains unique. While the thermal sensor detects movement, the optical sensor facilitates the identification of objects. Just one camera provides users with a powerful perimeter surveillance system that can be used day and night. At the same time, it is possible to visually verify what has triggered motion events, as the thermal dual cameras are equipped as standard with the intelligent, camera-integrated MxActivitySensor motion analysis software.Our customers also benefit from a high level of efficiency, as commercial thermographic cameras consume up to 30 times more power than MOBOTIX models.

As a software manufacturer, we focus on the technological features of our camera systems as well as simple operation, control and management. When it comes to our free-of-charge video management software, such as the future MxMultiViewer, we focus on simple and intuitive operation. Some of the advantages of the new software are full screen display at a single mouse click, support for several screens and a transparent view of events and alarm messages. What’s more, all MOBOTIX components in a network are detected and pre-installed automatically. This way, it is possible to bring a complete network of cameras and door intercoms into use in just a couple of minutes – without a browser and without additional software.

Are there any special markets you want MOBOTIX to tap into with its access solutions?
In Germany, a house or apartment is broken into every four minutes. When it comes to access solutions, we are preaching to the choir. This is a key point. Demand for solutions that secure the entrance to private homes while also enabling simple access for the residents has increased continuously over the past few years.

How do you score points with customers and end users in this competitive segment? What benefits does MOBOTIX promise?
Users benefit from our technology in the access area. The T25 IP Video Door Station features a 5-megapixel sensor and delivers high-resolution images and seamlessly secures the entire area in front of the door thanks to MOBOTIX’s hemispheric video technology. It allows for all events in front of the door to be recorded with sound. It also provides for two-way communication and remote opening function – accessible from all over the world, for example, using a PC or our App. An integrated message function makes it possible to leave and listen to messages directly at the door. Further features include keyless entry via a PIN code, RFID transponder or, conveniently while away from home, via our App. In combination with system accessories, the T25 can be expanded into a multifunctional comprehensive system, for example, with the MxDisplay, which serves as a video remote station for the Door Stations and can control the cameras of a video security system.

With only a few swipes, the user can call up, for example, an overview of the cameras in the building and video messages from the door intercom or generate a new access transponder for a guest. Users can use any menu to access the live image from the door intercom and open the door. If necessary, this can be secured further using a PIN or transponder. The MxDisplay can be integrated flush with the wall in an attractive manner. In addition to design, intuitive operation is key.

What short and long-term goals do you want to achieve with MOBOTIX?
MOBOTIX AG has taken numerous measures to tap into new sales potential for future growth in the short to medium term. These include extending sales activities into new regions as well as measures to expand the global network of sales partners.

We have also launched numerous new product platforms on the market over the past nine months, including eight camera lines with high-intensity 5-megapixel technology as well as the M15D-Thermal and S15D-Thermal thermographic camera lines. We are currently in the process of developing additional products and are optimistic that we can maintain the success we have achieved in previous years. We are fully committed to long-term technology and quality leadership. We would like to continuously further expand our existing role as a leading pioneer in technology “Made in Germany.”

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